Vendetta Miami Police Simulator 2018

Vendetta Miami Police Simulator 2018

Miami Police Simulator 2018 is an intense action racing game which pits your driving skills against felons desperate to outrun you in wild chases.The rivalry between criminals and police takes a new twist. In Miami a villain appeared and even the police can not win him. You can be reincarnated as the king of the gangland. Bring down all their forces on the police and find out all the secrets of evil deeds – is your major goal! Feel yourself as a very violent criminal!

Vendetta Miami Police Simulator 2018 features:

– Super simple and easy controls and super advanced real physics engine.
– Now you can find even a ship in-game!
– 5 different missions types with a lot of variety!
– Steal cars, deliver small packages, like a real wise guy.
– Dawn of Justice, watch out for the cops!
– Destroyable car and bike models with updated in-game physics for more realistic gameplay;
– Updated helicopter model with simplified controls and improved machineguns onboard;
– Epic gun fights inside the buildings you like to take over.
– Earn money by producing goods in your real estate and make your way to the top.
– Level system for your character, choose you you like to improve your skill levels.
– Become the godfather of Miami Bay, as you take control of this massive crime empire.
– Full functional combat tank model with rotating gun tower and devastating firepower;
– Explore an epic open world in Miami!
– Walk, Drive, Steal, Shoot, Kill and Run in this action packed mobile game!
– Play Daily Missions to gain epic rewards!
– Completely free!
– Special mission with a tank!

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