Target Shooting Master – Free sniper shooting game

Target Shooting Master- Free sniper shooting game

Be careful, countless snipers are hiding in the dark, waiting for the opportunity to shoot you to your death.

Grasp your limited bullets in this war and shoot as many targets as possible.

At the end of the battle, stand proudly at the top of the city, continue to write the legend of the gun god.

Target Shooting Master features:

– 5 game modes, main line sniper mission, special action, assault rifle mode, pistol mode, and daily daily task mode to meet your hobby needs for various guns.
– A variety of weapons in the game, such as sniper rifles, assault rifles, pistols, dozens of different models for each weapon, and advanced game props to help you complete the task better. Unlimited bullets and heat sensors make it easy for you.
– Realistic shooting experience, beautiful 3D graphics design and excellent animation, unique breathing time, let you be immersive game
– Unique VIP system, you can enjoy more benefits and privileges, join us!

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