Speed Car Racing 2018

Speed Car Racing 2018

Fast cars of racing games are waiting for you with sensational stunt driving and car stunts where player avails much more from street racing during this driving simulator. Avail furious sports cars and expensive cars of new racing games to win this world race. Bring new revolution in speed racing of drifting games and enjoy the city car driving with luxury car. It is more than road race as there are high speed race tracks in this racing simulator of driving games 3d. Present drift racing on fast track is the real test of your driving skills of driving car games. It is sure that the drifting cars in this extreme racing will change your dry taste of nitro racing with extreme cars of race car games.

Through this ultimate racing, you can improve your real speed of street car racing which will help you in the driving simulation of driving games 2018. The driving car simulator works as real driving school for the lovers of deep desert safari, adventurous desert racing, fast speed highway racing, tricky arcade racing and tiring mountain race. Driving challenge on the road highway polishes your race driving with the rival cars in the street driving and makes you ready for the upcoming challenges of the real world. This nitro drift makes you bold enough that there will be nobody to contest against you in the racing street.

To play this drag racing game is similar to be the part of rival racing where the player confronts with a long list of different driving episodes of nitro drag racing. The tracks are in nice proportion and are with all kinds of tricky features of fast roads of highway drift games where the player must be very careful about the approaching traffic and other hurdles of desert car driving which are there to block and hinder his way during the course of race drift. Join this new world of nitro street racing and prepare yourself for the realistic race highway as a bold racer.

Speed Car Racing 2018 Features:
High definition HD display with the post modern 3D graphics.
Multidimensional exciting levels with different aspects.
Multiple controlling options for the player.
Futuristic racing methods for the lovers of car racing.
Availability of the long list of all kinds of cars.
Fully guided, easy and controlled levels.
Realistic sound effects which create realistic atmosphere.
Multi angular camera views for the guideline of the player.
Complete this new mission of city car racing with fast cars of racing games and perform the stunt driving of driving racing by showing your driving skills during the car stunts of new racing games.

Download Speed Car Racing 2018 from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nautiz.speed.car.racing