Royal Room Cleaning

Royal Room Cleaning

When there gathered too much dirt they need to perform cleaning activities and in this princess game, you are about to help with chores. Have a fantastic time and complete each of the following tasks that are assigned to you. The bedroom is the first to be washed. Remove the garbage, get rid of the dust and the stains on the floor. Sew the ripped pillow, color the boy paint, place the toys in their special box. Next comes the eating room.

Here you will clean the floors, remove the stains, throw the garbage and then get rid of those stinky leftovers that are spread all over the kitchen. Replace the rotten food from the fridge and clean it, then wash the dishes. The bathroom is the next one. There you will have to do the same, to remove the stains, to disinfect the area. The bath tube needs rubbing and so does the mirror, the toilet, and the sink. Continue the challenge with the gardening part. Here you will clean the leaves from the ground and the broken tree, remove the garbage and arrange the misplaced land. You will perform gardener activities, like planting flowers and preparing the field with water and a shovel. Once these are done you have finished your royal cleaning.

Royal Room Cleaning features:

– Cool experience to gain
– Interesting gameplay and a royal story to follow
– New abilities to develop and the possibility to learn how to do chores
– Free and really easy to play because of the instructions along the game
– Cheerful background sounds along with a nice interface
– Helping out a princess to refresh her home
– Become a cleaner and a good housekeeper and a gardener too
– Many tools to use and educational activities to perform
– Have a clean environment in your kitchen, bedroom, and garden as well

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