Little Panda’s Marvelous Insects

Little Panda's Marvelous Insects

Ever been curious about the creepy crawly buzzy world of insects? Don’t worry!
“Little Panda’s Marvelous Insects” tells you the answer!

Decrypt the insect world. Find out how the buzzing bees work so well together! Find out how strong the little ants can be!

Product Features:
Life Cycle Learning: see how the bees and ants go from larva to workers and maybe even become the next queen!
Insects are truly marvelous creatures!
Forage for Food: whether its as a a single worker bee or the whole ant army, its time to bring food home for all!
Use your skills to help the bees and ants!
Defend the Home: It’s time to defend the hive or hill. The insects are marvelous but the world they live in is quite dangerous!
Can you help to make sure they’re safe?
Kid style Fun: who says the queen bee can’t be the most beautiful bee of them all? Play dress up and much more in silly kid focused mini games!
Make believe fun in the insect world!

Cute cartoon characters and animations make the Marvelous Insects come to life for kids of all ages! Learning is fun and engaging when it’s combined with an appropriate amount of play! Bees and ants don’t have to be scary or creepy. Little Panda’s Marvelous Insects helps young kids to understand and appreciate the tiny world of insects and maybe even spark an interest in biology.

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