Holy Craft: Good Big Crafting Exploration Games

Holy Craft: Good Big Crafting Exploration Games

Look up here, I’m in heaven! Craft games reached a new level, literally! Think about your own vision of heaven and make it happen in crafting & building style! Ride a mighty Pegasus, chase the happy angels and get lost in the best exploration craft ever! Play Holy Craft – games for free!

Build & craft!
Become a professional house builder in heaven! This crazy craft game allows building your eternal life mansion! Create a blocky world with Saints help! Ever wonder what’s like to redesign a temple? Now you can because you’re a real city builder! Exploration craft is a wonderful experience so play craft of your dreams!

Play with angels!
Big craft games are all the same. But here’s a rescue! Big crafting & building mode combined with exploration games, angels and pegasus! Play like a real crafter and use blocks to design heaven of your dreams! How crazy it is! Would you like to play an interesting girl craft? Feed pegasus or unicorns and play together in your heaven!

Play girl craft games!
Heaven calling! You’re not only the best city builder in a whole Promised Land! It’s your builder base where you can find a lot of blocky fun in cool mini-games for girls and boys. Exploration and huge adventure could be exhausting, so enjoy beautiful minigame maps. Build an empire of blocky entertainment and take free exploration craft game to a new level!

Become an interior and exterior designer!
Use your crafting skills and special items to prepare awesome interior design in an angelic style! Home design isn’t easy peasy but you’re a city builder after all! Take Holy City for inspiration! Design your own Heaven in this big craft game for girls and boys!

Explore the infinite world!
You can travel anywhere you want! Ride a pegasus, cars or fly with the angels! Craft a perfect vehicle for your own exploration in one of the best city building games! Do whatever you dream of like crafting & building a real Temple!

Build anything you want!
If your imagination is limitless and city building & crafting games are you favourite, you should challenge yourself as a city builder of heaven in Holy Craft for free! It’s a good big craft game for girls and boys, everyone! Say hello to big crafting & building paradise and let the fun begin!

😇 Big crafting & building gameplay!
😇 Love your pet in heaven!
😇 Exterior & interior design craft with many blocks!
😇 Feed pegasus and unicorns!
😇 Play with Angels – big fans of crafting & building!

Let’s play a Big crafting game!
No time to wait – enjoy the best games for girls and boys. Design Heaven, swim in the eternal rivers, use your blocky building skills and become a real city builder. Be friends with angels, take care of the custom design of your paradise. One of the most exciting city building games! And the craziest for sure!

Download from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecraftingadventuregames.crafting.building.free.exploration.games.roblox.craft.city.builder.girls.heaven.unicorn.boys