Harold Family

Harold Family

In Harold Family you will work with Harold to create a home of your own. You will decorate your house as you like, build a warm and harmonious family, relive and meet like-minded friends, and you will have a cute pet… When you step into the gate, the wonderful challenge has begun! What are you waiting for?

Harold Family features:

– The stars obtained by the customs clearance can be used to open other areas of the house, repair damaged objects, add new objects, etc.
– In the Harold Family, you will get a cute pet, this lovely cat will bring a lot of unexpected fun to your life.
– Move adjacent tiles. If there are three or more same tiles connected, the connected tiles are eliminated.
– In the Harold Family, you will meet many interesting people, strict fathers, gentle mothers, warm neighbors and patient pet doctors…
– After completing the task of eliminating tiles, you can pass the level and you will receive a star reward after crossing the border.

Movie about Harold Family game:

Download Harold Family from Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.manor.house.scapes