Glory Ages – Samurais

Glory Ages - Samurais

In the game Glory Ages – Samurais you get tactical Samurai sword battles, intelligent opponents, all kinds of equipment, numerous locations and even endless mode.


– Numerous characters and weapons. Numerous realistic medieval Japanese weapons, many kinds of Japanese swords, huge arsenal of katanas and all kinds of characters with their own characteristics.
– An incredible level of graphics and sound accompaniment. A dynamic environment in the background combined with thematic music.
– We worked a long time to make the enemies intelligent. They can side-step you, circle, counterattack and block your blows during the fight. They react to the death of their soldiers and also gesticulate in various ways during the battle.
– Ten different locations under different weather conditions from winter cities to rainy swamps.
– Large-scale tactical battles. You have to think about how to beat your enemies, when to block their blows and when to attack. The fury that can save your life at a critical moment, instantly destroying large numbers of the enemy, accumulates during the fight. You can level up your battle experience or improve your character’s equipment.

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