Elite Archer-Fun free target shooting archery game

Elite Archer-Fun free target shooting archery game

Hitting the golden ring is the ultimate goal.
Keep training and try your best to become the world archery champion!

Elite Archer features:

☆ Rich in-game props, high-grade bows, high-grade arrows, high-grade gloves and various anti-windage props. The attributes of arrows and bows(strength, speed, wind resistance) are also different. The use of wind removal props can remove the influence of wind. Use the zoom out item to zoom in on a target and help you get better scores!
☆ 600 levels of single-player training levels in game! Absolutely satisfy your archery desire! More limited time game modes (multiple targets waiting for you to aim) and offline play mode! Just compare archery techniques together with friends!
☆ Impressive gameplay and realistic sound, allowing the player to experience an excellent archery effect!

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Download Elite Archer from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.elitearcher.targetshooting.freearcherygame