Cute Lady Labrador Caring

Cute Lady Labrador Caring

Perform relaxing activities and make sure you offer an unforgettable day for this beautiful lady Labrador. There will be some tricks you will see and you will have instructions for them in case you want to learn them. First will be the caring and bathing process. Fill a big bathtub and get the lady Labrador in. Wash each part of the body with suitable products, like soap for the body and shampoo for the hair.

You could cut her claws and when she is dry you will move to the hairstyling. Arrange the hair, cut it, paint it and make her look fresh with her brand new headdress. Wash her hair again and use the hair dryer to style it. Now, after a long bath and the hair styling, the necessity for food is showing up. To be able to complete this step you must cook the food.

Make a delicious sandwich with cheese and meat. You will feed her and make sure you offer a diversified meal. A bowl of milk maybe some dog food, a cupcake or something else for dessert. Once the feeding is done you should be concerned about the dressing. We all know how important is the look for this fancy lady dog, so don’t forget to add your touch in her style. Put on a nice outfit, maybe a dress that will be finished with a cute accessory. You might consider some matching shoes and even a colorful hat.

Cute Lady Labrador Caring features:

– Multiple tasks to accomplish
– Super opportunity for a stylish headdress
– Bath, arrange and create a beautiful look for a cute Labrador
– Create a funky look with crazy accessories
– Caretaker skills to develop
– Cool lady dog to look after
– Getting to know the process of pampering an animal
– Cook and feed the dog to its preferences
– Easy control of the game and free playing
– Amazing graphics and suggestive sounds
– Gaining new abilities to nurse a baby dog
– Learn how a lady Labrador should be bathed, fed, and cared

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