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Idle Tycoon: Space Company

Idle Tycoon: Space Company

Idle Tycoon: Space Company – manage a leading joint-stock space trading company.
Earn idle cash and become a rich space tycoon.

Idle Space Company features:

– Recruit and train astronauts, scientists and other space pioneers.
– Generate idle cash for our investors and shareholders.
– Run a space program and manage a fleet of rockets and spaceships.
– Research new technologies and use them to evolve our assets.
– Explore the solar system, our galaxy and the whole universe.
– Run and expand space stations and extraterrestrial trading posts.

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Flood: Deep Underwater Crafting Adventure

Flood: Deep Underwater Crafting Adventure

Flood: Deep Underwater Crafting Adventure is an adventure idle game. Upgrade your Bathyscaphe by improving its parts and mechanics, explore the underwater world, farm resources, exchange them and craft new parts! You can always exchange parts you don’t need for gold! Craft new bathyscaphes, unite with friends and form flotillas with other players. Break into shipping containers and booster chests, fight storms and other sea dangers. Survive under water and conquer the flooded world. It is one of the best android games.

Flood: Deep Underwater Crafting Adventure features:

– Clan system
– 16 types of unique minerals
– An Ocean of fun!
– A lot of bathyscaphes available for upgrade
– World map with 23 locations to explore
– More than 400 different parts for upgrade and improvement: holds, engines, farming rigs, jet compartments
– A ton of possible upgrades: from speed increase to farming to stability
– Resource farming available online and offline

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City Snow Blower Truck: Excavator Snow Plow Games

City Snow Blower Truck: Excavator Snow Plow Games

City snow blower truck game will give you the winter city snow excavator truck driving test experience as snow remover from snow road and snow terrain. You are the frozen snow blower truck driver and you are appointed as grand city snow rescue truck drive and heavy excavator machinery to remove snow glacier from highway roads. You are provided different Monster truck transport, winter cargo transport, offroad truck cargo, dumper truck and crane machine to make highway roads clean from hilly areas by completing the city driving mission in the heavy snow truck games free. Enter into snow plow games and crazy excavator simulator games to enjoy the coming winter driving.

Game features:

– Multiple driving mission as snow loader & snow driver on snowy tracks
– One of the best driveway offroad games from all tow truck driving games
– Drive excavator truck and snow rescue truck on the chilly snow road
– Be the best snow remover and snow cleaner to make the city safe
– Complete snow removing mission as driver in snow truck simulator games

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Camper Van Race Driving Simulator

Camper Van Race Driving Simulator

Get out of the busy city and traffic jammed roads and drive into wilderness and parks.

Attach a camper trailer with your campervan or camper truck and drive at maximum speed to reach the finish line before time runs out. Stay in the circuit without leaving, avoid the obstacles and the giant stones, and be careful with dangerous curves, ramps and bridges. Complete your missions on multiple and dangerous tracks. It is one of the latest android games.

Camper Van Race Driving Simulator features:

– Get coins to unlock more Camper Van.
– With 8 different circuits.
– Realistic 3D graphics and animations.
– Enjoy the challenging circuits.
– High quality sounds.
– Lots of Camper Van models to unlock.
– Unlocked each circuit as you go through the last circuit available.
– Very precise driving simulation.

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Extreme SUV 4×4 Driving Simulator

Extreme SUV 4x4 Driving Simulator

Extreme Rally 4×4 Simulator 3D is a rally car simulator, thanks to its advanced real physics off-road engine.

Be a furious rally driver on a whole terrain for you. No need to brake because of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you can perform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the police chasing you 4×4 SUV!

Drifting fast and doing burnouts offroad had never been so fun!

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Prado Car Parking Challenge

Prado Car Parking Challenge

If you are annoyed by the lack of quality of all the similar parking games, this is your game. We offer you a parking simulation gameplay with super stunning graphics and challenging multi-stage levels, so, our game is a realistic experience at a high level.

Enjoy a real parking experience where you have to park in different places without crashing into the obstacles before the time runs out. If you think yourself as parking master challenge yourself on this Prado parking adventure!

Prado Car Parking Challenge features:

– Easy parking management with sensor system.
– Real engine installed cars.
– Different models of cars to choose.
– More than 50 levels.
– Superior quality graphics and fascinating environment.
– Shift gears with realistic sound effects

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Off-Road Trucker 3D

Off-Road Trucker 3D

Get ready for the realistic and exciting driving experience. Drive offroad cargo truck to explore hilly environment and test your mountain driving skills. Driving on hills, mountains and steep paths is a real driving challenge in off-road cargo truck driver simulator. Operate trailer truck to transport people & cargo and become a real gigantic truck transporter.

You can unlock items and share it on leader boards with your friends. Off-road challenges starting again! We are here with improved physic engine to give you most extreme off-road truck driver game! With Offroad Truck Driver, you are going to have one of the most realistic simulation game.

Try yourself in a profession of a trucker – deliver cargo, try driving your truck offroad and have a real trucker experience in our new offroad trucker driving game 2019. Working as trucker is a real adventure, you never know what challenges you will face in offroad truck driving. Buckle up, truck driver, it’s time to deliver some cargo!

Game features:

– Different type of seasons
– Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting
– Thrill of Driving on Hills, Mountains and Steep Paths
– Optimizated graphics, it doesnt matter what your device is.
– 20 Exciting Game play Missions
– Realistic physics
– Detailed enviroment
– Different kind of vehicles
– Ultra, High, Medium, Low graphic options.
– Mud, Rope, River etc physics
– Day/Night missons
– Real Experience of Off road Cargo Truck Driving
– Amazing 3D Graphics & City Environment
– Pick & Drop to Transport Drums & Peoples

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Cute Lady Labrador Caring

Cute Lady Labrador Caring

Perform relaxing activities and make sure you offer an unforgettable day for this beautiful lady Labrador. There will be some tricks you will see and you will have instructions for them in case you want to learn them. First will be the caring and bathing process. Fill a big bathtub and get the lady Labrador in. Wash each part of the body with suitable products, like soap for the body and shampoo for the hair.

You could cut her claws and when she is dry you will move to the hairstyling. Arrange the hair, cut it, paint it and make her look fresh with her brand new headdress. Wash her hair again and use the hair dryer to style it. Now, after a long bath and the hair styling, the necessity for food is showing up. To be able to complete this step you must cook the food.

Make a delicious sandwich with cheese and meat. You will feed her and make sure you offer a diversified meal. A bowl of milk maybe some dog food, a cupcake or something else for dessert. Once the feeding is done you should be concerned about the dressing. We all know how important is the look for this fancy lady dog, so don’t forget to add your touch in her style. Put on a nice outfit, maybe a dress that will be finished with a cute accessory. You might consider some matching shoes and even a colorful hat.

Cute Lady Labrador Caring features:

– Multiple tasks to accomplish
– Super opportunity for a stylish headdress
– Bath, arrange and create a beautiful look for a cute Labrador
– Create a funky look with crazy accessories
– Caretaker skills to develop
– Cool lady dog to look after
– Getting to know the process of pampering an animal
– Cook and feed the dog to its preferences
– Easy control of the game and free playing
– Amazing graphics and suggestive sounds
– Gaining new abilities to nurse a baby dog
– Learn how a lady Labrador should be bathed, fed, and cared

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Food Truck Driving Simulator

Food Truck Driving Simulator

Food Truck Driving Simulator is a fun game where you can fulfill your dream of becoming a star street food chef.

Your adventure begins locating customers on the map and driving to meet them following the GPS indications. Once you have reached where the client is, you must park your food truck and take their order. The game consists in attending the number of clients specified in the upper part of the screen within the allotted time.

Get ready to serve streams of hungry customers waiting in queue. Drive a pickup truck and park your food delivery truck to sell delicious dishes like pizza, burgers, donuts, hot dog and ice cream. Become the top chef by traveling across the world in pickup truck.

Food Truck Driving Simulator features:

– Realistic traffic system and pedestrians
– 4 different food trucks to unlock
– Driving game that takes place in an urban area.
– 10 challenging missions
– High quality sounds.
– Realistic 3D graphics and animations.

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