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Piccolo Grand Devil

Piccolo Grand Devil

Piccolo Grand Devils is a turn-based game that is easy to use and allows everyone to enjoy the fun of Piccolo.

Play to the game of Piccolo Grand Devil send Son Gohan, and continuously log in to send gold coins and Super Saiyan, send the Vegeta for the first recharge, and there are more exciting activities waiting for you.

The game has a new PVP system, you can lead the cultivated of the fighter to PK with the online players against the world and become the King of the Tournament.

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Stickman Shadow Legends – 2D Action RPG

Stickman Shadow Legends - 2D Action RPG

It is a 2D action Role Play Game. In a world where light is barely visible, the war between your heroes and the army of darkness is still raging on. Fight your way through countless different enemies. Keep your weapons sharpened. Stay focused on your main objectives. Battle other players from all over the world in the arena for bragging rights and crazy loots.

In a never-ending struggle against the relentless forces of Darkness, your hero must set foot on a journey to save his world from getting torn apart. Each warrior will possess a different set of highly destructive abilities to be able to fend off hordes of monsters. With super easy and highly intuitive control system, you will be able to perform crazy combos between physical attacks and magic spells, dealing tons of damage. There’s always a crazy battle somewhere, so stay alert.

With a massive collection of abilities modifications, multi class specific equipment and accessories, crazy potions with useful buffs, you will be able to spend hundreds of hours in Stickman Shadow Legends to max out your hero. Your hero can become a tank, a backline support, or a front line damage dealer. It’s all up to you. Whatever you feel like, you can.

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Hero Masters – Idle RPG Battler

Hero Masters - Idle RPG Battler

It is a battler taking place on an infinite number of tiny planets and darkest dungeons. Collect and equip a perfect combo of fantasy heroes and unleash their magic powers by drawing runes on the screen of the device to easily crush rivals, defeat universal evil and reach the shores of a perfect world.

Hero Masters – Idle RPG Battler features:

-Travel tiny planets;
-Compete with other Masters in PvP arenas on planets.
-Dive into fun and exciting gameplay, wrapped in a cartoon style fantasy universe;
-Play easily while doing daily routine;
-Unleash magic powers of more than 50 heroes;
-Summon an ancient dragon to help you in a battle, by drawing runes on the screen;

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Universal Fighter: Super

Universal Fighter: Super

The latest hot-blooded fighting game Universal Fighter: Super is available to download now! Simple and concise manipulations, gorgeous and amazing special effects, awaken your memory of zeal! Build your dream team and travel through the universe, experiencing the great adventure together with players all over the world!

Universal Fighter: Super features:

– A variety of characters can be arranged strategically.
Click on the screen to trigger combos according to the combat rhythm, which provides a tensional and stimulating game experience.
– Recruit different types of fighters to set the most powerful team of the universe..
Martial arts practice, skills enhancement, unlocking the stronger forms!
– Relive the classic plot. Team up with players worldwide to protect the Earth together.
Fight for the Championship of the World, to be one of the Hall of Fame.

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The player is the captain of the Pangalactic Federation starship GFSS-3214F. A surprise attack and a malfunctioning hyperspace drive sends you hurtling to the outer reaches of space. However, with the help of a mysterious woman and her ability to summon heroes from across time and space, you just might be able to fight your way back home!

Take command of a squad of four heroes in real-time battles! Dodge enemies, time your attacks, and manage your abilities to decimate the enemy!

Choose from attackers, sharpshooters, defenders, invokers, and healers to form specialized parties. With dozens of characters, each with their own passive and active abilities, the possibilities are endless!

Beautifully rendered character models and awe-inspiring special attacks bring next-gen graphics to the palm of your hand!

With a universe full of hostiles you’re going to need some backup! Jump into multiplayer co-op battles and work with your teammates to take down the toughest foes the galaxy has to offer!

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Pocket Q3 – Hello Monsters!

Pocket Q3 - Hello Monsters!

All your loved pocket monster pets are personified in this fantasy world. Summon, train and evolve. Unleash their thrilling power during the big adventure to become the Ultimate Trainer, like a super HERO.

Pocket Q3 – Hello Monsters! features:

– Scale new heights, massive resources and pet Fragments await. Come and get Golds, Exp Potions, and endless gifts. Prove yourself a TRUE Monster Master!
– Innovative character design you’ve never seen before for pocket monsters, with unique skills and great ACG voicing. Capture epic monsters, gear them with powerful weapons and awake hidden abilities!
– Build your own league of warriors to combat with evil forces! Team DEPLOY with different buff combination of tanks, archers, mages and healers. Try different strategies, complete massive dungeons and quest.
– Arena Battle, Guild War, and hundreds of dungeons in Normal, Elite or Nightmare mode. Unique instant World exploration to meet diverse MINI-GAMES randomly: Rainbow Ruins, Jigsaw Puzzles, Lucky Wheel, Legendary Monsters and much more!

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I’m The Boss

I'm The Boss

You are the leader of a small-time gang, and work your way to the top. Recruit members off the streets, and they may one day become your loyal brothers-in-arms. Hone their talents of the trade and run your underground businesses so you can keep the war going. When you retire to your sprawling mansion at night, you can visit a private bevy of lovers and foster the future generation for even greater influence. Sit atop the throne of the king of the underworld, and bend others to your will!

I’m The Boss features:

– Bolster your ranks with loyal companions
– Boost your influence with marital unions
– Spill blood for territory and resources
– Experience the heat with the ladies
– Your choices will affect your family’s future
– Run your racket wisely and build your empire

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Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie

Phantomgate : The Last Valkyrie

Phantomgate is a game where a mystical adventure RPG awaits you in the fabled land of Midgard! Help Astrid, a daring young Valkyrie, save her mother from the clutches of the mad god, Odin, and discover her true hidden powers along the way. Explore a strange, new realm in this Norse Mythology-inspired game, befriending and collecting hundreds of unique Phantoms to help fight by your side.

Rekindle the excitement of classic RPG adventure titles, and discover the secrets that lie beyond the mysterious Phantomgate.

Journey between worlds, solving challenging puzzles and engaging in strategic turn-based battles with Phantoms ranging from small, cat-like critters to intimidating Orc warriors. Take down the darkness that threatens Midgard and all who inhabit it.

Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie features:

– Engage in epic combat against Odin’s dark forces! Strategically drag buff bubbles to teammates and enemies alike to turn the tide of battle in this unique twist on classic turn-based RPG combat.
– Solve puzzles to unlock long-forgotten secrets as you journey across the 6 regions of Midgard, from icy tundras to deep forests.
– Explore lush, Nordic-inspired landscapes while unlocking the magical powers hidden deep within the ancient world.
– Latest android game.
– Help unravel the story of Astrid’s mysterious past as you uncover an unforgettable, emotional tale.
– Collect over 300 unique Phantom companions to fight alongside you. Choose how your Phantoms evolve into powerful new forms with special elemental items. Choose what will shape your adventure, your Phantoms, and help save the land of Midgard!

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Luna: Dragon of Kelpy Mountain

Luna: Dragon of Kelpy Mountain

Luna: Dragon of Kelpy Mountain features:

More than 400 equipment, 50 mercenaries, and 60 companion monsters.
Get more than 400 types of items, equip them to be stronger
Equip weapons, shields, rings, and armors to customize Luna’s look.
More than 50 mercenaries, each has their own unique skill and special ability.
Using various combination of mercenaries to apply different tactics.
You can also befriend with monsters Luna met during the adventure, and fight with them.

Idle RPG about Dragon hunting adventure of ‘Knightess Luna’
At the edge of Stonia continent, there lives a legendary dragon in the Kelpy Mountain. Luna goes on an adventure to hunt down the dragon. Learn various skills, summon new mercenaries, craft legendary weapons, explore mysterious world and defeat unique monsters. Enjoy the game with Knightess Luna.

Various combination of party system, monsters with unique ability, and dynamic battle!
-Hundreds of monsters, with different tactics, will try to stop Luna’s journey.
-Luna becomes stronger with better weapons, armors, accessories, skills and Lumina’s Berries.
-Summon more than 50 mercenaries, manage the party for the victory.

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Hero Tycoon

Hero Tycoon

Hero Tycoon is a game that players play the superhero role to compete for resources. Players can choose the hero he likes at the beginning, get the territory and collect the resources to build the hero’s exclusive house step by step.

Here are the rules for this game:
– After the player build a dedicated equipment cabinet, he can get the exclusive skills and equipment of the superhero he played, which will give a big advantage when compete for resources in the wild.
– The player who completed all the buildings first is the ultimate winner for this competition. Different heroes have different skills and equipment.

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