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Police VS Crime

Police VS Crime

Police VS Crime is an exciting driving game where you can be a police car driver, run after in traffic and get mates backup to help you arrest scammers.

Hop into police car, increase to the utmost. move, turbo and drift to besiege terrorist wandering in city. Just acquired news they’ll strike central city loan company. So stop wasting time, equip yourself and change you to ultimately be considered a great car drivers, and move on to target place beforehand, stop them before they destroy innocent people.

Live as a policeman, experience just what a real police official encounters confronted with hazard. Your goal is to contest your police car, drive as fast as you can, reach the crime landscape and arrest crooks.

Police VS Crime features:

-simple control
-lively 3D car chasing animation
-breathtaking police chasing after crime experience
-Real police car driving a vehicle simulation
-beautiful city artwork design
-fun and absolve to play
-various challenges

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3D ladybug Go Kart: Buggy Kart Racing

3D ladybug Go Kart: Buggy Kart Racing

Kart Racing Studios has the honor to present its only “OFFICIAL” Buggy Kart Racing 3D game to you. Marinette game racing adventure official 2018 is here serving you with the best gaming experience. Go Kart Racing Studios is committed to provide you with exciting entertainment which makes blood quickly rush through your veins and cat noir go kart adventure official 2018 is just providing to be the perfect sample as it offer you a surprise-filled world of off-road kart racing mayhem.

New improved features that will guarantee you keep your eyes on the wheel. Dash lady bug and cat noir in its own adventures with our crash racing games!

Race against a field of evils like hawk moth and akumas. Each with unique personalities and special abilities. One kart racing studios original buggy kart racing was born with legendary cat noir in love city of Paris. Test your skills in 2 game modes on 40 spectacular 3D race tracks, against a pack of tropical-loving volpina super villains with a serious level of road rage!

As a matter of fact, buggy go kart along with adrien are not to be scared of any super villain despite all evil on car racing streets Miraculous Kart Racing adventure went rush to evil subway streets to beat of super villains. Fast, furious, fun and FREE, buggy Go Kart aim be a kart-racing island and city adventure mini motor racing for all ages.

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Car Racing Rally Championship

Car Racing Rally Championship

Compete against three Car Racing drivers. Drive as fast as you can to get the first position in the race. Go through the checkpoints to check the difference time with respect to your rivals.

Get behind the wheel of legendary Car Racing rally cars. Prove yourself fast in all tracks, dare to speed in hostile conditions and terrain and to drift along the turns. Challenge the rivals to be the best driver in the world.

2 modes:

Free mode: The objective of this game mode is to complete the circuit as a practice trying to get the best possible time.
Tournament mode: Complete the 3 circuits trying to get the best possible time. At the end of each circuit your result is shown and also your rivals result. It also will be shown the position of each one.

Car Racing Rally Championship features:

– High Quality Graphics.
– Very precise driving simulation.
– 3 different circuits: The Valley; Castle’s Route and Snowy Gully.
– With exciting and astounding mustang car racing physics control.
– Two game modes: Tournament and free mode
– 6 different types of Car Racing rally cars to unlock.

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POV Car Driving

POV Car Driving

This is a driving game that you will face with curved roads, endless highways, trial events with no limits. Remember this is not a simple race game, this is a kind of game like long ride driving game. But however, if you want to race with your opponents you can race with other faster cars in the traffic.

You must be aware of to traffic jams, crashed cars, speed limits, speed cameras, and many little detail in this game.

In POV Car Driving you can experiance endless, curved and detailed highways. We are using road variant algoritm that you will always face with new kind of ways while you are driving with your car.

While you are driving, you must be avoid of speed radars. Remember, speed cameras are invented for our driving safety. We put some speed cameras on your path for make sure your journey is in “safe”. We also put some other surprises for you. Drive safe!

What will you do if we will tell you you can listen a real internet radio while you playing your game and you can controll it on your cars radio? You can listen your favorite radio while driving with your car.

There are many of endless racing game with only straight roads. We created curved roads for you to drive on it. Our steer helper and curved road will offering you a great car driving experiance. You will be feel like driving on a highway.

This is a long ride driving game and we must be design everything realistic as we can. You will notice that you will only hear trim and turbo sounds while driving with new cars. And of course there will be wind sounds if you go faster than “normal limits”. This reduce canceling car isolations will make your journey less annoying.

When you start your journey with your car you will notice extra details on your car. We put almost every car details to our cockpits. When you racing with time, you will feel the driving in car atmoshpere.

We know you want to drive fast as you can but you always watch the weather condition for make your driving safier! With our dynamic weather change algorithm you must avoid of some serius weather conditions.

You can control your car with tilt, buttons or steering wheel. You can collect points while passing cars, you can collect diamonds and you can unlock special cars with special events!

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Hot Micro Racers

Hot Micro Racers

Compete against four rivals, shoot with weapons, collect coins and get in the best possible position during the race.

Win coins to unlock new cars and expand your weapons arsenal. A huge variety of scenarios. Open tracks for your micro-machines with a lot of obstacles in the form interior details, decor, toys and many more.

You will pit all manner of crazy vehicles, battling each other in a world of table-top race tracks and oversized obstacles.

Hot Micro Racers features:

– Amazing graphics and animations
– A real challenge for al type of players.
– Races of type tiny cars
– Each car have four weapons (bomb, Gum, Ice, Soap Bubbles).
– There are seven types of cars (Mini, Adp, Bison, Force Z, Hound, Juggernaut, Rhino) to unlock.
– High quality sounds.
– There are 3 types of circuits: Kitchen Table ,Children’s Bedroom and Outdoor.
– This game offers countless hours of fun.

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Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator

Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator

The Dawn of Justice draws near, watch out. One of the biggest additions are the police, so watch out who you shoot, where you shoot someone, steal the wrong car or whatever crime you could think off. The cops are no push-overs, be prepared! The drug-related crimes are going through the roof in Miami, you are a part of this right now!

The last years miami has changed to a dangerous city, the Miami Department has made new plans to make it save again. It’s your job to chase and arrest all the dangerous criminals, until all the dangerous criminals are behind bars! Are you ready for this dangerous game officer?

Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator features:

Arrest all the dangerous criminals in miami!
Unlimited missions in our simulator!
Lot’s of department cars to unlock!
Don’t forget to rate us or give us feedback!

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Climb Hill Racing 2018 New

Climb Hill Racing 2018 New

Face the challenges of unique climbing hill environments with many different cars. Gain bonuses from daring tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even higher distances.

Climb Hill Racing 2018 New features:

Each vehicle has a range of upgradeable components.
Stunning 3D graphics and realistic physics.
Lots of vehicles (Dune Buggy, Dirt Bike, Monster Truck, Pickup, etc) with their own feature.
Well designed 3D stages , and more challenge stages will come soon.

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Ramp Car Stunts

Ramp Car Stunts

This car racing game with ramp car and mega ramp holds a lot of stunt missions to complete with extreme addiction of racing stunts. Press the race paddle to accelerate and break paddle to slow down. Steering look sensitive at fast speeds so be careful when about to perform car stunts. Amazing driving car experience with nitro to boost up speed.

“Ramp Car Stunts” is a car racing game to enjoy the addictive racing stunts over the ramp with ram car. Collection of racing cars and driving stunts make you keep playing car driving game. Smooth and easy controls of racing car and longest tracks with impossible stunts of non-stop adventure keep you engaged with ramp car.

Ramp Car Stunts features:

Smooth steering controls.
Multiple cars and tracks.
Different driving stunts.
Super sonic speed cars.
Addictive and crazy stunts.

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Speed Car Racing 2018

Speed Car Racing 2018

Fast cars of racing games are waiting for you with sensational stunt driving and car stunts where player avails much more from street racing during this driving simulator. Avail furious sports cars and expensive cars of new racing games to win this world race. Bring new revolution in speed racing of drifting games and enjoy the city car driving with luxury car. It is more than road race as there are high speed race tracks in this racing simulator of driving games 3d. Present drift racing on fast track is the real test of your driving skills of driving car games. It is sure that the drifting cars in this extreme racing will change your dry taste of nitro racing with extreme cars of race car games.

Through this ultimate racing, you can improve your real speed of street car racing which will help you in the driving simulation of driving games 2018. The driving car simulator works as real driving school for the lovers of deep desert safari, adventurous desert racing, fast speed highway racing, tricky arcade racing and tiring mountain race. Driving challenge on the road highway polishes your race driving with the rival cars in the street driving and makes you ready for the upcoming challenges of the real world. This nitro drift makes you bold enough that there will be nobody to contest against you in the racing street.

To play this drag racing game is similar to be the part of rival racing where the player confronts with a long list of different driving episodes of nitro drag racing. The tracks are in nice proportion and are with all kinds of tricky features of fast roads of highway drift games where the player must be very careful about the approaching traffic and other hurdles of desert car driving which are there to block and hinder his way during the course of race drift. Join this new world of nitro street racing and prepare yourself for the realistic race highway as a bold racer.

Speed Car Racing 2018 Features:
High definition HD display with the post modern 3D graphics.
Multidimensional exciting levels with different aspects.
Multiple controlling options for the player.
Futuristic racing methods for the lovers of car racing.
Availability of the long list of all kinds of cars.
Fully guided, easy and controlled levels.
Realistic sound effects which create realistic atmosphere.
Multi angular camera views for the guideline of the player.
Complete this new mission of city car racing with fast cars of racing games and perform the stunt driving of driving racing by showing your driving skills during the car stunts of new racing games.

Download Speed Car Racing 2018 from Google Play:

MXGP Motocross Rush

MXGP Motocross Rush

Challenge and beat your opponents in the MXGP Motocross Rush championship, move your bubblehead in the most fun and exciting physics-based racing game.

MXGP Motocross Rush transforms you into a rider in the official MXGP motocross championship. Win every challenge to beat the official champions, will you be able to defeat the competition? Throw down the gas but cross the finish line with a supercool outfit, your look counts!

PHYSIC ARCADE GAMEPLAY Run on a track full of jumps, balance the weight of your rider, over the gorges and fly, however pay attention on landing, you could hurt yourself!

CUSTOMIZATION Win the lootboxes to earn new parts of your bike and new accessories for your rider, upgrade the various customization cards, now you are a champ.

MULTIPLAYER Bravo, you have defeated the official riders, congratulations … but you will be able to beat the MXGP Motocross Rush champions from all over the world?!?!?! We’ll see!

● Official riders and motorcycles of the MXGP championship, play against your myths from MXGP and MX2 classes and beat their times;
● Enhance the statistics of your bike and suits: besides being beautiful, you will also be the fastest;
● Engaging career mode: collect your goals to become the MXGP Motocross Rush Champion;
● Trick Mode: not only speed, grip and acceleration, remember that in some challenges you will be assessed for your acrobatic skills, learn how to handle your giant head weight and become the champion of tricks!
● Each victory has a prize: more than 200 items to make your bike and your rider to look unique, many other collectables on the way;
● Multiplayer Challenges: Beat players from all over the world to increase your “Newbie” fame until you reach the “Epic” level.

Supported languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish South-America and Russian.

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