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Smash Car Hit – Impossible Stunt

Smash Car Hit - Impossible Stunt

Drive fast on the top of a big 3D city, jump from the highest building to another one. Perform extreme and illegal stunts and get the best time.

The city is very big with real traffic cars, buildings, houses, bridges and traffic lights.The road system is also very dense, from highways and 2×2 lanes to very small road of mountains, with a hill climb.

The dangerous track contains extreme vertical ramps, crazy looping, high-speed ramps, actions on sky highs, furious and risky obstacles.

Smash Car Hit Impossible Stunt features:

– Miles of roads to drift and drive on and do stunt jumps
– Realistic drift physics
– Leaderboard
– Ultimate racing challenge game
– Experience this realistic driving simulator, the ultimate driving gameplay
– Hugely open-world driving simulator with the city, construction… filled with wide open roads, mountains, hills, and forests
– Pimp your car: full customization for cars
– Easy to play driving controls, use touch, wheel and tilt controls!
– High-quality vehicles
– Dynamic drifting camera angles

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Drift Chasing-Speedway Car Racing Simulation Games

Drift Chasing-Speedway Car Racing Simulation Games

Feel the absolute speed experience in the unique racing.

Drift Chasing features:

– Unique racing upgrade system. Make your car strike to the top speed
– 30 levels for you to compete, defeat the racing masters in various regions and become the strongest racing driver.
– The ultimate gaming experience: exquisite game graphics, real physics engine, the perfect sprint of nitrogen. Just feel the thrill ofimmersive speed!
– Different levels of track tests. Can you pass the exam competing with the world’s top racers?
– 20 models of exquisite racing cars for you to choose from- C-class to S-class, both in shape and configuration, each with its own characteristics. You can own all of them if you’re willing to. Build your own top-configured car to win the game!
– Easy operation and strong drifting feeling. Find the fun of racing!

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Impossible Car Stunts Racing 2018: 3D Sky Tracks

Impossible Car Stunts Racing 2018: 3D Sky Tracks

Crazy smart car smashing machines and super smart driving stunt environment make this game more interesting. Crazy car racing stunts on Impossible Tracks is a thrilling. You need extreme stunt car driving skills to drive safely on tricky tracks and curvy paths.

You will feel like you are real smart car driving for your life on real crazy mountain heights to accomplish impossible stunts racing driving missions. Driving a real super car stunts can be challenging for you, you will have been a competent to complete all the super city driving missions given to you? Get behind the steering wheel of a very high modified stunting racing car driving on impossible driving tracks.

This Impossible stunts car driving game offers single road tracks and super stunting ramps and problems.

Impossible Car Stunts Racing 2018: 3D Sky Tracks features:

– Real engine sounds
– Impossible tracks Stunt Master Car racing
– Easy to use car controls
– Fabulous sound effects
– Awesome quality HD graphics
– Dangerous hill mountain environment for impossible stunts.

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Moto Sport Race Championship

Moto Sport Race Championship

It is a racing game. Compite in the most extreme championship of the universe and be the number one.

Experience real feelings when driving an extreme sport motorbike. Increase and decrease your sport racing motorbike speed on asphalt track turns. Be a pro racer wanted at any time to beat the pro race driver rivals.

Moto Sport Race Championship features:

– High Quality 3D Graphics and smooth controls with steering
– With several sport motorbikes to unlock
– Two game modes: training and competition.
– Racing tracks specially designed for the adrenaline junkies

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Dare Rider

Dare Rider

Hop on to your vehicle and get ready for the destructive journey of a lifetime in Dare Rider. All you have to do in this game is drive your vehicle through the obstacles like avoiding landmines, pointed spkies appearing randomly, shooting balls from random directions, falling barrels and many more! These are out to destroy you and your vehicle so play very carefully.

Make sure to complete the tracks by passing through all the checkpoints or your level will not be complete. Watch out for the timer and try to finish in the least time possible to score the highest. Tap the forward button to dash, tap turn left or turn right button to rotate your wheel in the air. When encountering obstacles in Dare Rider tap stop button to decrease the speed.

You can choose from a variety of vehicles like cars, bikes, cycles and many more options. All you need is timing to tap the buttons and a little fortune.The play area is free to roam but be careful to dodge the obstacles coming your way. Dare Rider is an obstacle rag-doll extreme sports game, your goals is to reach the finish line, you will encounter various obstacles that can damage your character.

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Blaze Race to the Top of the World

Blaze Race to the Top of the World

Blaze & Monsters Machines Race to the top of the world. Let’s help Blaze reach first to the top and beat Crusher. Don’t forget to collect as many coins as you can along the way.

Investigate with AJ to help Blaze in the Dragon Island Duel, use mass to win the Team Truck Challenge, and master sound waves as a Truck Ranger.

Download Blaze Race to the Top of the World from Google Play

Bike Racing Rider

Bike Racing Rider

It is an underground motorcycle racing game in which bike enthusiasts gather around with their beloved rides to participate in some of the coolest illegal racing championships across the world. The stakes are high you need to be always ready with that extra torque to outrun your competitors. This is one of those bike racing games which takes you on a ride of a lifetime. Coming first in a race brings you huge perks in coins which can be used to purchase some of the best bikes to to have a edge over biker gangs.

Bike Racing Rider features:

– Fun Gameplay
– Awesome Bike Collections
– 3D Realistic Graphics
– Beautiful Environments
– Challenging Levels

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Derby Car Racing

Derby Car Racing

Derby Car Racing 2018 is a realistic banger racing games environment where you will experience wreckfest drift car racing with car crash and car smash in Derby Car Demolition Race. You must have played many Demolition Derbies Car Racing Games on Google Play but here is your chance of Fearless Derby Car Crashing games as to survive the arena of twisted metal derby games Get ready, fasten your seat belt & gear up to race, chase, smash, crash and destroy your opponents in Demolition Games 3D and see the full car crashing and destruction derby in real time. Destruction of cars in demolition race arena is so real that you can see windscreens, doors, mirrors and other car parts smash of your car in the best of Derby Car Racing games.

Game features:

– Realistic car crash, destruction and damage
– Different obstacles and enemy vehicles
– Derby Car Racing games for kids with Realistic HD graphics and engaging sound effects.
– Amazing Derby Car Models and Heavy Trucks
– Challenging Demolition Derbies Extreme Car Racing levels.
– Real Car Physics with smooth driving controls
– The game takes place inside a large stadium.

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Rider 2018 – Bike Stunts

Rider 2018 - Bike Stunts

Get ready for the ultimate bikes stunts adventure in Rider 2018. Try to find the right balance between power and grip while staying in your class. Filled with killer tricks, extreme freestyle action and insane stunts, stunt games is a high thrill trial bike riding adventure – it’s the evolution of mountain biking game on mobile! Each level is more challenging and exciting than the other. We have modeled 16 stunt bikes down to the smallest detail for you. Start the engine, hit the gas and experience the thrill!

Take your pick, improve its performance, alter its design and start racing. Beautiful eye-catching graphics to will provide you with the best motorcycle game look and feel. This time, you are behind the wheels of a extreme bike stunts in a much more detailed gaming experience, but also retaining the old school fun and simplicity. Ride through different checkpoints before you arrive at your destination. Follow the map to arrive at your destination.

Game features:

– Realistic Driving Experience
– Dynamic camera angles
– Unlock exciting new bikes
– Realistic motorbike riding physics
– Smooth controls
– Awesome Fantasy Urban Environment
– Breathtaking 3D Graphics

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