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Sparkling emoji Keyboard

Sparkling emoji Keyboard

😎Sparkling emoji Keyboard Theme supports different IM Apps, like Instagram, Messenger, BeeTalk, Facebook Lite and so on, and allows you to type faster and easier in those apps.
😆Sparkling emoji Keyboard Theme is also compatible with different brands of phones like Samsung(Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy Note7), Huawei(Huawei P9, Huawei P8, Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Honor 8), Sony(Xperia Z5, Xperia Z4, Xperia Z3, Xperia XZ), HTC(HTC 10, HTC One A9, HTC One X9, HTC Desire 10 Pro).

🤓How to Apply Sparkling emoji Keyboard Theme.?
[Notice: The theme supports our keyboard(typewriter) only.]
☝Download the Sparkling emoji Keyboard Theme, tap the INSTALL button.
✌Download our keyboard(typewriter) from Google Play Store. If you already have it installed, please tap on the APPLY button directly .

💎💎Why select Sparkling emoji Keyboard ?💎💎
👍【Different keyboard(typewriter) Themes】
Cool and colorful themes are provided. Find different theme categories, including tech, basic, Sparkling emoji Keyboard, cool, crystal(krystal),indigo navy, golden, tomorrow land, pink, shiny and many more,
👍【Fun Emoji and Emoticon】
Words are not enough to express your feelings? Just express with emoji and emoticon such as ( ^ω^)! Easy to find emoji and emoticons in our Sparkling emoji Keyboard Theme(typewriter) and add more fun to your chats!
👍【Customized Fonts】
We offer you stylish font style, so you could enjoy a fuller experience of your chosen Sparkling emoji Keyboard Theme.
👍【Smart Word Prediction】
Our keyboard(typewriter) is smart enough to recognize mistyping words, provide smart word prediction and make your typing easier and faster .
👍【Swype to type】
Gesture Typing: Swype through keys to experience Glide(slide) Typing. Voice Typing(input): To type by your unique voice.
Hope you like our Sparkling emoji Keyboard Theme.

Download Sparkling emoji Keyboard from Google Play:

GPS Live Map Navigation – Smart Traveler

GPS Live Map Navigation - Smart Traveler

GPS Live Map Navigation – Smart Traveler with live street view satellite mapper & GPS locations route finder is Free. GPS Live Map Navigation – Smart Traveler uses this voice navigation map & live GPS satellite view to look for factors of interesting places and nearby places like museums, eating places, malls and so on with GPS route finder. Latest GPS route finder with maps and navigation saves your time for travel and local navigator by getting navigation guide from GPS voice navigation free.

GPS Live Map Navigation – Smart Traveler gets location with live street view navigation & satellite maps for your plan to go to with GPS location. Live Maps GPS Navigation – Smart Travel Guide gets route mapper coordinates with fastest route finder app. street view map India with shortest route finder is designed with most amazing essential and maptool of live voice navigation app.

Route Finder Driving Map-Live Direction & Location has live street view maps GPS & Route finder driving navigator because it shows you shortest route to your destination with live voice navigation app. GPS Route Tracker App – Live Navigation Map is having live navigation maps for live street view navigation tracking maps so that you can see live GPS location map of any place. Live Voice Navigation Maps – GPS Compass 2018 has driving live route map which gives best driving directions with traffic alerts so that you can easily navigate to any location. Live Satellite Map 2018 – Digital Speedometer GPS is the GPS app with best route finder app to watch live navigation map and GPS route finder map navigation for your traveling.

GPS Live Map Navigation – Smart Traveler features:

• Best route finder app to destination
• Discover places and explore like a local with live maps GPS navigation
• live street view navigation map offers step-by-step travel directions around the world
• Explore live maps satellite view HD of all countries of the World
• Trip planner or you can say travel planner 2018 gets maps navigation for nearby hotels, stores near me, & more
• Speedometer for car describes your vehicle speed
• GPS speedometer and odometer function is for your safety
• GPS live street view speedometer map details according to your current location
• Live maps satellite view navigation for even better driving experience Unique GUI and Easy to Use all app with GPS compass for android
• Share your current location or any other location from the map with your friends
• GPS directions driving route tracker for travelling time
• Accurate location helps you in navigation to provide correct guidance
• Find your nearby Hotels / Restaurants, Hospitals, ATMs, Banks, Public and Shopping places…
• Simply the best GPS MAPS Navigation app with GPS compass navigator & GPS speedometer mph free

Download GPS Live Map Navigation – Smart Traveler from Google Play:

New Wallpapers and Backgrounds 2018

New Wallpapers and Backgrounds 2018

We’ve created an awesome wallpaper app to help you personalize your phone like never before! Download New Wallpapers and Backgrounds 2018 today and customize your phone or tablet with awesome HD designs.

New Wallpapers and Backgrounds 2018 was developed to work with most Android versions, so that everyone can enjoy its beautiful designs. Enjoy unique wallpapers any time you want to change the way your Home Screen looks. Don’t forget to rate this app and share it with your friends!

This amazing wallpaper app can completely change the way your phone looks, instantly! New Wallpapers and Backgrounds 2018 lets you customize your background with awesome HD and 3D designs!

★ With our new wallpaper app, you can:
• Choose designs from an impressive library of free wallpapers! You can use some of the best free wallpapers directly from the app, or download them to your phone and use them anywhere!
• Save your favorite designs so you can find them easily in the app.
• Use wallpapers on the Home Screen, Lock Screen, or both, for full customization!

★ We’ve created one of the best free wallpaper apps just for you! Try New Wallpapers and Backgrounds 2018 today!

★ How to install this awesome wallpaper app★
• Download New Wallpapers and Backgrounds 2018 and wait for the app to install;
• Open the app and choose your favorite design to use on your device;
• Select “Set Wallpaper” and choose where you want to use it.
• And you’re done!Enjoy amazing high-quality wallpapers with New Wallpapers and Backgrounds 2018!

★ Get even more free wallpapers!★ Visit our developer page for more amazing wallpapers HD to personalize your Android phone or tablet!

Download New Wallpapers and Backgrounds 2018 from Google Play:

Google Family Link for children & teens

Google Family Link for children & teens

Family Link for children & teens is the companion app to Family Link for parents. Please only download this app to a device being used by a child or teen.

Whether your children are younger or in their teens, the Family Link app lets you set digital ground rules to help guide them as they learn, play, and explore online. For children under 13 (or the applicable age of consent in your country), Family Link also lets you create a Google Account for your child that’s like your account, with access to most Google services. You can:

Guide them to good content

• View their activity – Not all screen time is the same. Help your child make healthy decisions about what they do on their Android device, with activity reports showing how much time they’re spending on their favorite apps.
• Manage their apps – Handy notifications let you approve or block apps your child wants to download from the Google Play Store. You can also manage in-app purchases, and hide specific apps on their device.
• Feed their curiosity – It can be hard to figure out what apps are right for your child, so Family Link shows you teacher-recommended apps on Android that you can add directly to their device.

Keep an eye on screen time

• Set limits – It’s up to you to decide the right amount of screen time for your child. Family Link lets you set time limits and a bedtime for their supervised devices, so you can help them find a good balance.
• Lock their device – Whether it’s time to go play outside, have dinner, or just spend time together, you can remotely lock a supervised device whenever it’s time to take a break.

• It’s helpful to be able to find your child when they’re on the go. You can use Family Link to help locate them as long as they’re carrying their Android devices.

• Family Link’s tools vary depending on your child’s device. See a list of compatible devices at
• While Family Link helps you manage your child’s purchases and downloads from Google Play, they will not need approval to install app updates (including updates that expand permissions), apps you have previously approved, or apps that have been shared in Family Library. Parents should regularly review their child’s installed apps and app permissions in Family Link.
• You should carefully review the apps on your child’s supervised device and disable those you don’t want them to use. Note that you may not be able to disable some pre-installed apps.
• To see the location of your child or teen’s device, it must be powered on, recently active, and connected to the internet.
• Teacher-recommended apps are only available on Android devices in the US to parents of children of certain ages.

Movie about Google Family Link for children & teens game:

Download Google Family Link for children & teens from Google Play:

Video Editor Effects And Video Maker With Music

Video Editor Effects And Video Maker With Music

You know what❓ There is an extremely professional video editing application that has made you create video photo slideshow with background music and special effect that are full of art, make sure you’ll be happy to use it 😍.

Special features in the image video maker with song application are extremely unique video effect, which you can hardly find in other music video maker applications.

Do not hesitate any longer, let’s explore the great things in the photo editor slide in video with music application!

1. Basic video show video editor
– Rotate video
– Cut video editor ✂️
– Adjust the aspect ratio: standard, 1:1, 4:5, 16:9
– Choose the background: there are many shimmering backgrounds for you to choose

2. Edit video with cool effects
Magic effects ✨
– You can select the favorite effects and touch the position on the image slideshow with effects and musico, effects will be showed up with picture video maker
– There are many cool video filters and effects for musically for you to choose: music notes, kiss, like, heart, icon, … make sure your videos will become more unique than ever with video and picture slideshow maker.
– This is a great feature that you can hardly find in photo slideshow maker with music applications, please enjoy it!

Video sticker editor 😜
– 100+ lovely stickers for you to choose from
– You can also create your own stickers so your videos can bring your own touches

Mix effects
– Press and hold the desired effect, you will see unexpected things appear on your video with video creator photo slide with music
– The original monotone video will be full of art after you use this feature in the video maker of photos with song app

Insert text into the video
– Add subtitle to video with video text adder app
– With the app, no more simple text line appear on your video
– Choose the effects, fonts, color, font sizes, and love messages that will show up artfully on your video.

Video frame editor
– Press and hold on the desired effect and see what wonderful thing will appear with video editor cut and trim app

Add music to video 🎶
– You can select your favorite songs in the library or select available songs in the video effects editor application

3. Make video from pic with song
– Select your favorite pictures for photo to video maker with song for birthday
– Adjust the display time for each photo in video slide maker with song app
– Edit video with great video editor effects tools in the photo video maker with music app

Time to say goodbye to the basic slideshow maker. Our pics video creator photo slide with music application will help to make the video to a new level, more professional, more artistic.

Get started with our unique slide show video maker with music and pictures application now and show masterpiece to your friends

Download Video Editor Effects And Video Maker With Music from Google Play:

Weather Wow

Weather Wow

Weather Wow is a beautiful, clean and easy to understand weather app. Check the weather for today, the weather forecast for tomorrow and the next 14 days.

The weather is gorgeously animated. See realistic rain, snow or thunderstorm weather animations, sun rays for clear days, the moon’s glow and the stars at night, moving clouds and more weather animations. They all reflect the weather making it come alive.

Prepare for your day with accurate weather forecast, hourly chance of precipitation and volume, hourly wind speed forecast and extended 14 days forecast.

The Weather app is using WetterOnline as a weather data provider, which gives hyper-accurate wherever forecasts.

Weather Wow features:

● Animated weather
● Accurate current weather conditions
● Extended 14 days weather forecast outlook
● Hourly temperature graph for today and tomorrow
● Hourly precipitation chance and volume
● Hourly wind speed
● Pressure, sunrise/sunset, UV index, humidity
● Automatically detects your location and retrieves accurate weather conditions for your current location.
● Track weather conditions for all your favorite cities and destinations.
● The app and the weather data is available in over 40 languages.

Download Weather Wow from Google Play:

Music Player – Audio Player & 10 Bands Equalizer

Music Player - Audio Player & 10 Bands Equalizer

Music Player with built-in sound effect controller and powerful 10 bands Equalizer, you can easily use Tuner, and get professional sound effect, it is one of the best app for music and audio player for Android. Music player can fulfill all your musical needs!
Quick search all music files, instantly start your music based on songs, artists, or albums, or browse by genre, music folder songs, and your custom music playlist.
You can change the details for your songs and audio, modify Pitch, Tone, it’s the best sound changer for you, and enjoy your modified music!

Music Player – Audio Player & 10 Bands Equalizer features:
🎵High quality MP3 player
🎵Browse and play music songs by tracks, albums, genres, artists, folders and custom playlist
🎵Supports popular audio formats such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, APE, etc.
🎵Powerful 10-band Equalizer with presets
🎵Set the Sleep Timer
🎵Lock screen music player
🎵Home screen Widgets
🎵Support notification status
🎵Set to play the next song
🎵Dynamic queue
🎵Drag to sort playlists
🎵Headset support and Bluetooth control
🎵Shake your phone to change the music
🎵Trim/Edit song files and save as ringtones
🎵Tag editor support
🎵Lyric support
🎵Library scan

Best Music Player and Sound Changer for you
1, Rich effects & Equalizer
Preset 12 classic music styles
Preset 6 common reverbs

2, Special sound & Effect
Sound balance, pitch
Distortion, phase shift, etc.

Download Music Player – Audio Player & 10 Bands Equalizer from Google Play:

Tor Browser for Android (Alpha)

Tor Browser for Android (Alpha)

Tor Browser for Android is the only official mobile browser supported by the Tor Project, developers of the world’s strongest tool for privacy and freedom online.

Note: For this release, you also need to install Orbot, a proxy application that will connect Tor Browser for Android with the Tor network. For the upcoming Tor Browser for Android stable release, our goal is for Orbot not to be necessary to connect to Tor.

Known issue: Our Security Slider is now under ‘Security Settings,’ but because of a small issue, it’s only showing up after you restart the app. We plan on fixing it for the next release.

Tor Browser isolates each website you visit so third-party trackers and ads can’t follow you. Any cookies automatically clear when you’re done browsing.

Tor Browser prevents someone watching your connection from knowing what websites you visit. All anyone monitoring your browsing habits can see is that you’re using Tor.

Tor aims to make all users look the same, making it difficult for you to be fingerprinted based on your browser and device information.

When you use Tor Browser for Android, your traffic is relayed and encrypted three times as it passes over the Tor network. The network is comprised of thousands of volunteer-run servers known as Tor relays. Watch this animation to learn more about how it works:

With Tor Browser for Android, you are free to access sites your local internet service provider may have blocked.

Learn more about Tor Browser for Android:
– Need help? Visit The manual is coming soon.
– Learn more about what’s happening at Tor:
– Follow the Tor Project on Twitter:

The Tor Project, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization developing free and open source software for privacy and freedom online, protecting people from tracking, surveillance, and censorship. The Tor Project’s mission is to advance human rights and freedoms by creating and deploying free and open source anonymity and privacy technologies, support their unrestricted availability and use, and further their scientific and popular understanding.

Download Tor Browser for Android (Alpha) from Google Play:

Adidas – Sports & Style

Adidas - Sports & Style

Shop the latest adidas releases, including:

– Ultraboost
– Superstar
– Stan Smith
– and many more

In addition, you’ll also be able to browse our full range of adidas Originals and workout/performance gear, covering everything from running to rugby.

By downloading the adidas app, you can:

– Enable notifications to remind you of release dates of shoes or apparel
– Conveniently shop all adidas sneakers
– Order and pay in just a few taps
– Build your own three stripes inspired style
– Get hady alerts when your favorite adidas products go on sale

adidas sports and sneakers

adidas has been bringing top quality sneakers, clothing and sports accessories to the world for decades, all the way from running, to soccer, boxing, and everything in between.

Many of the world’s top athletes now wear adidas, including Lionel Messi and his Nemeziz boots.

These, along with the Predator boots and other highly popular shoes are all available on the app!

One of the most recent innovations is the Ultraboost, a running shoe designed for the ultimate in comfort, support and stability. Get it now on the app!

Latest adidas releases

While we love sport and helping athletes reach the next level of performance, we also want to help people look and feel good with our clothes and apparel.

Many of our sneakers have become iconic in street fashion – it is almost impossible to imagine a world without the Stan Smith, Gazelles or Superstar.

Only the coolest sneakers

Whether you’re looking for a new Ultraboost or the latest pair of Stan Smith shoes, the adidas app is the best place to keep up to date with adidas releases.

Download the adidas app now, and enjoy all the benefits of our website, with the added convenience of being able to browse anywhere, anytime.

Download Adidas – Sports & Style from Google Play:

TV Online

TV Online

TV Online is the ability to browse online TV on a mobile device, smart tv. Using the TV Online application, you can view over 130 TV channels. At any point where there is a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, LTE.

– Simple and intuitive interface
– Instant TV channel search
– TV programm
– Adding channels to “Favorites”
– Full control of the remote control

Download TV Online from Google Play: