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Mystery Wheel Challenge

Mystery Wheel Challenge

Make your own wheel and spin it as many times as you want !

Our concept is

Create, Define, Spin

⭐ Create as many wheels as you want

There is not limitation in the number of wheels, create as many as you want and use them whenever you want and for free, this is a free game.

You can use the wheel generator to create automatically items.

I.e you create a wheel related to colors, press the generator to create automatically some suggested items.

Everytime you spin the wheel you will get a different result, if for example you choose slime and you get glue glitter. The next time you spin the wheel, you will get a different one.

Don’t worry, in case you don’t want to create your own wheel we have it covered! Use our predefined set of wheels. Use the latest slime wheel or maybe you like dances games? Ok then use fortnite dances option

Our roulette has been programmed accordingly to get the better experience possible, making it as real as possible, you will see how smooth it is !

Choose All wheels and select whatever funny games you want, we have made a great selection of topics. Moreover, for more mature people this is a perfect sex game to play with your colleagues or maybe with your partner 😉 do you dare or not?

Are you a youtuber and want to create a video playing this game? don’t ask! you are free to use this game for your videos. Create now your own mystery wheel of slime challenge. We are supporting the youtubers life, sis vs bro made a lot of videos playing the mystery wheel of slime.

You can use the wheels to decide where you will drop off in fortnight or maybe you want to decide which weapon or which skin you will use? Pick your best emotes with the wheel ! You can use it also for the vbucks challenge !

Among the wheel games we are sure this one will make the difference, try it now with your friends and start laughing , this is one those laughing games that you want forever in your self-phone and remember that if you laugh you lose so try not to laugh !

In this roulette game you can create your own customized mystery wheel and play the latest challenge with your friends. Are you prepared to have a lot of fun playing with the mystery wheel of slime or the mystery wheel of fortnite dances among others?

Download Mystery Wheel Challenge from Google Play:

Pretend My City Hospital: Town Doctor Story Games

Pretend My City Hospital: Town Doctor Story Games

Pretend my city hospital is a doctor clinic game where you can pretend play in virtual hospital and can arrange, manage stuff and buy snacks, medicine and dress up staff and patients. In this imaginative open ended role play game you can play as doctor, nurse, patients and other staff member. Roam around in the hospital rooms to explore different departments and labs. Do patients body different medical tests like x-ray and MRI in radiology lab. If you like pretend games like airport, shopping mall, supermarket, school and dollhouse then you will love this hospital role play game for girls and boys.

Little boys and girls like to enjoy their free time in family home, playground and amusement parks But to have unique entertaining time, Let’s have fun in town crazy hospital. Explore the open world game play by visiting clinic reception, lobby, patient wards and experiment labs. Arrange, manage and complete creative activities in each room as you like. Dump trash, dress up character as you wish. Make and create your own avatar as you like it to be.

You can take appointments from reception and then can visit the doctor. Change bed sheets and patients clothes from multiple selection. Prepare healthy diet for patients and feed them. Feeling hungry no worries! Explore the open cafeteria in the hospital. Grab snacks, fast food and fruits to eat.

In this pretend play games for boys and girls you can perform complete body test of patients with many entertaining duties. Pretend my city hospital is the best ASMR game with oddly satisfying game play. Now play this fun town game and have fun time.

Download Pretend My City Hospital: Town Doctor Story Games from Google Play:

Candy Farm: Magic cake town & cookie dragon story

Candy Farm: Magic cake town & cookie dragon story

Relax in a magic paradise, where sweet dreams always come true, and free candy grows in the garden. Harvest delicious crops every day!

Use your harvest to craft dozens of different treats. We’ve got all the recipes you need: lollipop, hot chocolate, birthday cake and much more. Kids love it! Then sell your goods to neighboring lands. Cookie castle, Jelly village and Cake town all crave for candy, it’s a great oportunity for business!

Build a zoo and Invite lovely pets to your farm. Sheep in this magic land prefer bubble gum to the regular hay. Feed them, and get soft marshmallow in return!

Friendly neighbors will be happy to help you bring your farm to the top. Join the little princess on her journey! Help her find her baby brother, the prince, and master the art of sweet magic in the process. Give the Marshmallow fairy a friendly advice on how to approach her crush. Many funny stories await you, write your own fairy tale.

Try the 2018 release from Foranj games, a new farming simulator coming to USA. Enlist the support of your family and friends and build your own fantasy township!

Download from Google Play:

Corgi Evolution – Merge and Create Royal Dogs

Corgi Evolution - Merge and Create Royal Dogs

Dog save the corgis!

Combine royally distinct corgi species into new, positively astounding breeds that shall help you populate your own dog kingdom!

Merge these jolly little creatures into perfectly bred new canine varieties that shall most certainly propel you towards the fulfillment of a very noble dream: to have a corgi sitting on the throne…



🐕Pantheon: a new place for supreme beings to look down on us mortals and laugh at our misery
🐕Impostors: watch out for impostors trying to steal the spotlight from the corgis


🐕Drag and drop similar corgis to create new royally mutant creatures
🐕Use corgi eggs to earn coins, buy new creatures and make even more money. More than the Queen, even!
🐕Alternatively, fiercely tap a corgi to make coins pop from their eggs


🐕Different stages and many corgi species to discover
🐕A mind-blowing story with canine twists!
🐕The unexpected mix of evolution dynamics and incremental clicker games
🐕Doodle-like illustrations
🐕Open-ended gameplay: enjoy royal freedom!
🐕No corgis were harmed in the making of this game, only developers

Fancy some tea, dear?

But of cour….gi.

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Download from Google Play:

Holy Craft: Good Big Crafting Exploration Games

Holy Craft: Good Big Crafting Exploration Games

Look up here, I’m in heaven! Craft games reached a new level, literally! Think about your own vision of heaven and make it happen in crafting & building style! Ride a mighty Pegasus, chase the happy angels and get lost in the best exploration craft ever! Play Holy Craft – games for free!

Build & craft!
Become a professional house builder in heaven! This crazy craft game allows building your eternal life mansion! Create a blocky world with Saints help! Ever wonder what’s like to redesign a temple? Now you can because you’re a real city builder! Exploration craft is a wonderful experience so play craft of your dreams!

Play with angels!
Big craft games are all the same. But here’s a rescue! Big crafting & building mode combined with exploration games, angels and pegasus! Play like a real crafter and use blocks to design heaven of your dreams! How crazy it is! Would you like to play an interesting girl craft? Feed pegasus or unicorns and play together in your heaven!

Play girl craft games!
Heaven calling! You’re not only the best city builder in a whole Promised Land! It’s your builder base where you can find a lot of blocky fun in cool mini-games for girls and boys. Exploration and huge adventure could be exhausting, so enjoy beautiful minigame maps. Build an empire of blocky entertainment and take free exploration craft game to a new level!

Become an interior and exterior designer!
Use your crafting skills and special items to prepare awesome interior design in an angelic style! Home design isn’t easy peasy but you’re a city builder after all! Take Holy City for inspiration! Design your own Heaven in this big craft game for girls and boys!

Explore the infinite world!
You can travel anywhere you want! Ride a pegasus, cars or fly with the angels! Craft a perfect vehicle for your own exploration in one of the best city building games! Do whatever you dream of like crafting & building a real Temple!

Build anything you want!
If your imagination is limitless and city building & crafting games are you favourite, you should challenge yourself as a city builder of heaven in Holy Craft for free! It’s a good big craft game for girls and boys, everyone! Say hello to big crafting & building paradise and let the fun begin!

😇 Big crafting & building gameplay!
😇 Love your pet in heaven!
😇 Exterior & interior design craft with many blocks!
😇 Feed pegasus and unicorns!
😇 Play with Angels – big fans of crafting & building!

Let’s play a Big crafting game!
No time to wait – enjoy the best games for girls and boys. Design Heaven, swim in the eternal rivers, use your blocky building skills and become a real city builder. Be friends with angels, take care of the custom design of your paradise. One of the most exciting city building games! And the craziest for sure!

Download from Google Play:

Candy Land Craft: Design & Building Game For Girls

Candy Land Craft: Design & Building Game For Girls

Close your eyes and imagine the beautiful city made of sweet cotton candy, lollipops and chocolate! Sounds perfect? So let’s play cute Candy Land Craft – for girls, for boys, for everyone! Download for free!

Chocolate everywhere!
See why city building games with sweet cotton candy could be named “king of candy fun”! Craft for girls (but not only!) is an amazing adventure! Use crafting & building mode to create a candy world of your dreams! Play the best design games for girls and boys in order to improve your city builder skills!

Awesome games for girls!
Do you like playing craft games? For girls (and boys as well) it can be an exciting job! Simulator of racing car and chocolate city building combined in one awesome craft game for girls and boys? Play Candy Land Craft for free! Games like this could be the best memory of your life!

Meet your design games prince!
Play simply the best design games for girls! Use your imagination or blueprints and build a city of your sweet dreams made of this! Who am I to disagree your crafting & building plans? I travel the open sandbox world and the seven candy seas. Everybody’s looking for something like free craft games for girls!

Meet the Candyland King!
Do you love dress up games? You have to look fabulous if you like to meet Candyland King! Dress up like a real fashionista and design a candy costume and chocolate shoes! Craft for girls is the best choice if you love to dress up and build new worlds! Candy craft games for girls and boys are a pure fun!

Play funny minigames!
Take a ride on ferris wheel in the blocky theme park! Take your boyfriend or girlfriend for a date. Love is everywhere! Play dating games and become pick up artist! Love choices are not easy but it’s crucial part of life. Go on an adventure and find a true love! You can both play cool minigames, explore the world, ride a car and many more!

Candy Land Craft features:
🍭 Mega craft games for girls and boys!
🍭 Crafting & Building mode. Design & build a city out of sugar!
🍭 High school romance with your crush in best dating games!
🍭 Play dress up games and put on perfect makeup for a date!
🍭 Build the Sugar City and play candy craft games for girls!

Candy Land Craft – download for free!
Do you love racing, dress up games or car games for girls? Play the best combination of craft games for girls and boys! Enjoy dating games, crafting & building mode and romantic scenery of blocky world!

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Greek temple jewels blast

Greek temple jewels blast

Best experience, graphics and puzzles on your Android phones/Tablets! Never miss-out the match-three quest!

Greek temple jewels blast is an free addictive games and delicious adventure filled with colorful game crunching effects and well designed casual puzzles for you to play in subway time! With jewel style to smash and eliminate in each level, is twice the fun but familiar to play. So let’s get started to crush now!

★ more than 1000 puzzles to solve
★ challenging bonus levels with free rewards
★ magical boosters to blast your score
★ best jewel games online right now
★ addictive theme and storyline

Download from Google Play:

Pony Fashion World

Pony Fashion World

This tired pony needs an immediate intervention and as you can see in this animal game you are going to fulfill more than one task. Lately, the pony’s home was destroyed and because of that, there are some things you must fix in order to let her live in there again.

Make a proper environment by cleaning it and replacing the broken objects around the place. Remove the dust and get off that spider web that is spread, then when everything is in order after using the given tools you can move to the spa session. Perform relaxing activities and make sure you offer them a day to remember at your salon. Wash each part of the body with suitable products, like soap for the body and shampoo for the hair. Cut some strands if it’s needed, apply nourishing masks, play with colors on her hair and add important details to her hairstyle.

The makeup will come next and here you will try to outstand the way you’ve been taking care of her until now. Don’t be shy and add bold colors to make this pony a fashion item. Combine the wardrobe we have and assemble a lovely outfit that will highlight the cool hairstyle and makeup she just got. Use your creativity and add pretty accessories to complete this vogue look of the pony. Try your best to accomplish all the given responsibilities and have fun by learning how to take care of a little horse by creating a new safe home for him and a brand new attire.

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Drink Master

Drink Master

Become a Drink Master. Pour the liquor and show everyone that you can create the perfect cocktail! Don’t forget to add an ice cube.

This extremely simple game (yet addictive!) allows you to mix different colourful drinks into extremely refreshing compositions! Give your fantasy free rein – mixing beer with beer? No problem!

Your task is to mix drinks perfectly, up to the set limit!

While pouring drinks will be very easy at the beginning, over time (it’s a time trial game after all) it may not be possible to match the ideal proportions of a cocktail and nobody will want to drink it. We have many different types of drinks, liquors, beautiful bottles, glasses, ice cubes, as well as cool decorations in store for you, to make your drinks and cocktails look amazing!

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