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Lady Popular: Fashion Arena

Lady Popular: Fashion Arena

Join community and make tons of friends while having fun and creating the lifestyle you always wanted!

Lady Popular Fashion Arena is fun and exciting yet challenging game that gathers millions of players from around the world to express their unique fashion styles and compete against each other.

Customize every aspect of your character from your skin, hair, eyes, nose, lips and makeup to your clothes, shoes, accessories and many more.

Design the apartment of your dreams with exclusive items from our stores and fill it up with the favorite pets that you always wanted to have.

Lady Popular: Fashion Arena features:

– With shopping done on a daily basis, you need a cozy spot to keep all your items. At the Wardrobe you can try out all of them, pick your best outfits and save them, so you can put them on with one click when the time is right.
– Every cool couple needs an awesome engagement party! Invite your friends and celebrate your special day as you always imagined.
– Discuss the latest fashion trends and hot news live with your friends.
– With millions of Ladies from all over the world it’s tough to say who’s got the best taste, so there are special podiums to help determine the greatest every week.
– This is the place where every lady needs to show her best. Compete against other players in fashion duels and become the most popular girl.
– Who doesn’t love going to the mall? Visit the mall and get the latest trendy collections!
– The name says it all! Here you can choose the best look for yourself and make sure it goes along with your latest outfit. The possible combinations are endless!
– As a fashion icon you’ll need a nice place that will support your image. Pick between tons of furniture and customize every room of your apartment to your liking.
– There’s always something new in Lady Popular. Events are what everyone loves and wants as they give awesome prizes and rewards!
– Join a club and compete against others to win amazing trophies.

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Jewel deluxe

Jewel deluxe

Match the ancient gems, unlock magical boosters and find the lost treasure! Download and play this cool free game and join the fun match-3 puzzle adventure. Treasure match 3 offers beautiful graphics, awesome effects and plenty of challenging puzzles.

Each level presents a new mission that you’ll have to complete. Try to use fewer moves to clear a level, so you can get higher score and get the chance to earn 3 stars.

Swap and match the treasure and collect gems in this addictive and fun match-3 online game. Raises the bar of match 3 games. Gameplay and graphics are fantastic. Characters and story are great too. You won’t find a better match.

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Power Pop Bubbles 2

Power Pop Bubbles 2

Power Pop 2 is an addicting brain-training game with thousands of fun levels and plenty of new elements and surprises. This amazing free game will fire up your engines and keep you busy for hours. Play today, match and pop bubbles, complete the different fun quests and WIN cool boosts and rewards!

Power Pop Bubbles 2 features:

– Easy to learn and super fun to play bubble pop game.
– Free bubble swap, just tap on your bubble to change its color.
– Thousands of incredible puzzle levels that will keep you busy.
– Powerful boosters that will help you crush and pop all the colorful balls and win rewards.
– No wifi connection is needed so you can enjoy an unlimited bubble shooting fun!
– The classic and loved gameplay with a modern twist!
– Challenging new elements and objectives.
– Super Aim feature that will help you take accurate shots and smash your way up to the top.
– Cutting-edge awesome design and plenty of cool new animations and effects.

Download Power Pop Bubbles 2 from Google Play:

Bubble Shooter! Extreme

Bubble Shooter! Extreme

Journey through new galaxies, and let the shooting fun game begin! Download this ultimate fun bubbles game, and explore thousands of intergalactic levels.

Launch a spacecraft to explore the cosmos. Discover different planets, pop bubbles and unlock new levels and puzzles. If you consider yourself a fan of extreme games, then this bubble pop extravaganza should be on your must-have list.

If you like awesome bubble shooter games and you’re looking to test your logic and strategy skills, download Bubble Shooter Extreme and get ready to experience intense hours of balloons bursting fun! The exciting interstellar adventure is already here! Play now, travel to space and shoot and pop bubbles to clear the board. Soar across the bubble universe playing the best game.

Bubble Shooter! Extreme features:

– Enjoy a fun adventure in space with the best bubbles game.
– Easy to learn but can be challenging to master.
– No wifi or internet connection is required so you can experience an unlimited balloon popping fun!
– High action-packed gameplay. Join the battle and fight to defend the bubble galaxy!
– More than thousands of blasting levels to explore. Shooting bubbles was never this fun!
– Awesome graphics and effects.
– Powerful boosts to help you hit and burst all the balls.

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Dinosaur Patrol Boat

Dinosaur Patrol Boat

Jump into one of the six unique patrol boats to head out and help the dinosaurs. Make sure to watch out for sharks, dolphins, octopus, and other sea creatures and obstacles in the water along the way.

Each ship has different features that you can use to get past sea creatures and rescue the dinosaurs. Boat features include water guns, propellers, and baskets of fish. Water guns can be used to put out fires trapping the dinosaurs, propellers can be used to shake off sea creatures in the water, and baskets of fish can be used to distract sea creatures who are blocking your path. And some boats have life preservers to help with the rescues! The stranded dinosaurs are all in different situations, including being stuck on islands, icebergs, and even other boats!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for coins and other bonuses in the sea along the way! Bonuses like the nitrogen rocket can provide a huge burst of speed to you in bypassing sea creatures and reaching the trapped dinosaurs. Don’t wait any longer – the dinosaurs have been waiting for a long time for you to rescue them. Jump in a boat and let’s begin the rescues!

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Merge Meadow!

Merge Meadow!

Begin in Day meadow for cute forest animals, or Night meadow for fun fantasy critters. Collect hearts, discover cuteness, and find your favorite critters.

Open bundles to reveal animals. Merge them to unlock a new animal. Speed up unlocking with surprise baskets, faster deliveries from the stork, and picking your favorite animal from the shop. As your meadow grows you can place your animals in special seats.

Reach level 8 to unlock a new Meadow and collect more animals. While offline hearts still grow, check in often to collect them. Turn hearts into new animals in the shop to speed up collecting. Merging animals grants XP to level up and grow your meadow. The bigger the meadow, the more animals live there.

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Upgrade the game 3

Upgrade the game 3

Upgrade the game 3 is a 3D game where your goal is to upgrade the game from scratch to a beautiful game, including sounds, graphics, interfaces.

Upgrade the game 3 features:
-15 Planets to explore
-Increase the power of all of your ships
-Two gameplay modes!
-Different perpectives of your ships during the gameplay
-More than 150 levels with a background story where you will investigate who is behind the “lose” of upgrades.
-4 different special attacks
-More than 25 different enemies
-More than 8 ships to choose and combine. Each one with his own ultimate skill
-Upgrades for the music, graphics, sounds, interfaces, FX… for everything!
-New special attack mode, where you will gain an incredible power for a limited time
-More than 60 different upgrades with more than 4 levels
-Hangar where you will be able to see your ships closer

In order to keep upgrading the game, you will lead 5 ships in the battle to destroy the enemy in this space shooter. Collecting the upgrade material that you need for your upgrades. There are more than 8 ships to choose and combine as you wish in order to save the galaxy!

Download Upgrade the game 3 from Google Play: