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The Love Boat – Second Chances

The Love Boat - Second Chances

The Love Boat – Second Chances is a time management adventure filled with romance, fun and, well… quite a bit of chaos. It’s up to you to juggle the many duties of a cruise director as you tend to each passenger’s needs! Just be sure to find time to enjoy the beautiful beaches of sunny Acapulco, and the luxuries on board the ship, as you sail from Los Angeles to Mexico on the cruise of a lifetime. Oh, and don’t forget the souvenirs.

The Love Boat – Second Chances features:

– Play as different characters – each character has their own special talent!
– Help move the story along with funny, interactive cut scenes.
– Based on the hit TV show from the 80s!
– Laugh along with 4 fun story lines, one starring Sally and François!
– Level up your crew to upgrade them, letting them help you more!
– Sail through 60 levels, each with two additional special challenges!
– Designed for mobile, so items are easier to see and select.
– Master 12 cruise-themed mini games and ace every level!
– Replay levels using different characters to beat the extra challenges.

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Dank Tanks

Dank Tanks

It is a competitive mobile game with cartoon art style and casual gameplay. It supports 3 vs. 3 real-time online combat for players all around the world. Game modes and maps rotate every hour to keep the game experience fresh at all times. Each tank has unique skills and attack abilities to fulfill different roles in everchanging maps and gameplay. Players need to explore every feature and aspect of the game to make sure to always make the best pick!

Every tank is carefully designed with unique abilities and effects, their strengths and weaknesses shifting depending on maps and game mode. Be careful, even the most experienced tank drivers can get lost on their way!

Movie-standard cartoon art style with wacky characters, bombastic abilities and eye-catching tanks. Get ready for action-packed crazyness beyond language, culture and age!

The props in Dank Tanks are designed to be interactable. Barriers can be destroyed, bushes may hide an ambush, weapons act differently on distinct maps, things explode, and all that good stuff! Brace yourselves!

Maps and game modes shift in an hourly rotation, to mix things up explosively! You will find yourself in classic competitions, but also in all kinds of innovative modes you never imagined. You’ll never know what the next hour will bring!

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Travel to new planets, get rewards, eat bananas and unlock strangely adorable new monkeys. Boldly go where no monkey has gone before!

Historians agree that MONKEYS, not humans, single-handedly pioneered the global space program. And now these adorable “Monkeynauts” are ready to blast off to NEW worlds to meet their extra-terrestrial, banana-eating brethren.

Begin your epic journey on Earth and wield the power of evolution! Merge matching monkeys to unlock new, unbelievably CUTE & quirky evolutions. Accelerate your orbital dreams and get closer and closer to powering your rocket ship.

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Idle Sweet Bakery – Cakes Factory

Idle Sweet Bakery - Cakes Factory

Run your own factory of sweets. Hire bakers who’ll help you bake ideal cookies. You decide how many and what helpers you will have.

Set up your own company and become its President. Invite your friends and play together, complete everyday tasks and upgrade the company – use the great deal of bonuses together.

You decide whether to sell your sweets faster or wait for the client who pays more. The fortunes of the whole sweet factory is in your hands!

Idle Sweet Bakery – Cakes Factory features:

– more than 10 uprgades of each product
– more than 10 different types of employees
– more than 200 building upgrades
– almost 100 company upgrades
– almost 20 various products
– more than 150 achievements to earn

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Harold Family

Harold Family

In Harold Family you will work with Harold to create a home of your own. You will decorate your house as you like, build a warm and harmonious family, relive and meet like-minded friends, and you will have a cute pet… When you step into the gate, the wonderful challenge has begun! What are you waiting for?

Harold Family features:

– The stars obtained by the customs clearance can be used to open other areas of the house, repair damaged objects, add new objects, etc.
– In the Harold Family, you will get a cute pet, this lovely cat will bring a lot of unexpected fun to your life.
– Move adjacent tiles. If there are three or more same tiles connected, the connected tiles are eliminated.
– In the Harold Family, you will meet many interesting people, strict fathers, gentle mothers, warm neighbors and patient pet doctors…
– After completing the task of eliminating tiles, you can pass the level and you will receive a star reward after crossing the border.

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Cute aquatic creatures from the mystical country of Mexico that you can help grow into hundreds of amazing shapes and colors.

Bathe it, feed it, teach it to pirate random underwater treasure (wait… WHAT?!?) and give it all the love and attention it needs to grow to an adult before you send it off into the world to fulfill its mystical destiny.

But don’t worry your pretty, air-breathing head off. For every Axolochi adult you release to the mystical unknown, you’ll get a brand new axolotl EGG that you can hatch and play with.

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Run as Doggo through fun filled endless running worlds. Beat the evil cat who has stolen your ball, take your revenge in the most epic way. Run as much as you can and make your best highscore.

Doggo features:

– Level up your Doggo and access fun stuffs. The more you run, the more you earn!
– Global and friends leaderboard to compete against others. Don’t talk, just show them!
– 3 different fun modes to play. Never get bored!
– Daily rewards to grab. Pays to show up each day!
– Multiple customizations for your Doggo. Run in style!
– Upgrade your Doggo’s abilities. Run with power!
– Multiple environments to run through. Explore as your run!

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Clash of ninja: Hayate

Clash of ninja: Hayate

Start to explore the fantastic ninja world together with the excellent fighters. You can fully experience the exciting ninjutsu battles and the intricate relations. Conquest and dominate the world of ninjas.

Clash of ninja: Hayate features:

– Splendid missions to be finished, discover the real ninja world.
– Join in the Clan and attend the ninja gang fights, conquering your enemy!
– Gorgeous ninjutsu, almighty attributes, release your extraordinary intelligence and talents.
– Auto & manual mode switched at will, enjoying the fights with skill combos.
– Challenge the classic BOSSES and win the rare items, dominating the ninja world.

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Monster Farm: Happy Halloween Game & Ghost Villag

Monster Farm: Happy Halloween Game & Ghost Villag

There was a zombie castaway on a monster farm near township. Tending a garden on the farm is surely the best way to spend your free time this day. Live the happy experience of building your Monster Farm.

Use your harvest to craft dozens of different treats. We’ve got all the recipes you need: lollipop, cookie with chocolate, birthday cake and much more. Kids love it, they’ll all come to trick or treat at your house. Sell your goods to the townsfolk and neighboring lands. Transylvania, Route 666, Ghost Town are waiting for candies! It’s a great opportunity for business!

Grow a big variety of the magic crops: ghost hay, Pumpkin Jack, perfect apples, mushrooms, or mandrakes! Harvest every day! Day of Halloween with hay, cookies, and zombie.

All type of monsters will be happy to help you bring your farm to the top: zombies, ghosts, werewolves, spiders, vampires.

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Sugar Heroes – World match 3 game!

Sugar Heroes - World match 3 game!

Match sweeties in a row, pop amazing obstacles and mix your moves to be the best. Prove your skills in multi player tournaments, or earn gold solving daily tasks. Play with your friends or compete with each other!

Switch and match amazing diverse sweeties in this addicting matching game! Hundreds of levels with captivating mechanics and sapid characters are waiting to be solved!

Sugar Heroes features:

– Join tournaments and championships to get amazing experience of many-sided game world.
– Many ways to get bonus coins: bonus games, tournament rewards, friends help and much more.
– Exciting graphics and relaxing game play.
– You will not get bored with various levels and tasks.
– Play solo or challenge your friends or players around the world.
– Continue the game on any platform everywhere with automatically saved game progress. You can play on desktop at home and continue to play on mobile later with same game achievements.

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