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Smash Car Hit – Impossible Stunt

Smash Car Hit - Impossible Stunt

Drive fast on the top of a big 3D city, jump from the highest building to another one. Perform extreme and illegal stunts and get the best time.

The city is very big with real traffic cars, buildings, houses, bridges and traffic lights.The road system is also very dense, from highways and 2×2 lanes to very small road of mountains, with a hill climb.

The dangerous track contains extreme vertical ramps, crazy looping, high-speed ramps, actions on sky highs, furious and risky obstacles.

Smash Car Hit Impossible Stunt features:

– Miles of roads to drift and drive on and do stunt jumps
– Realistic drift physics
– Leaderboard
– Ultimate racing challenge game
– Experience this realistic driving simulator, the ultimate driving gameplay
– Hugely open-world driving simulator with the city, construction… filled with wide open roads, mountains, hills, and forests
– Pimp your car: full customization for cars
– Easy to play driving controls, use touch, wheel and tilt controls!
– High-quality vehicles
– Dynamic drifting camera angles

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Dinosaur Hunt Down

Dinosaur Hunt Down

Develop a steady hand, line up your sights, and master the skills to take the perfect shoting Dinosaur Hunt Down. In this dino world quest in the tropical forest your mission is to destroy a certain amount of hunting for you prehistoric predators at every level. If you’ll survive in a fight thanks to your battle skills of the assassin, then for each completed level you’ll get a new more powerful gun in your weaponry.

Game features:

– Realistic First person shooter.
– Use Map and radar to find dinosaurs
– Smooth controls, UI interface and ambient background music.
– Intuitive and accurate shooting controls.
– Console Quality HD graphics
– Hardcore action hunting adventure.
– 3D realistic jungle world
– High-end, immersive gameplay!
– Amazing bullet animations

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The Love Boat – Second Chances

The Love Boat - Second Chances

The Love Boat – Second Chances is a time management adventure filled with romance, fun and, well… quite a bit of chaos. It’s up to you to juggle the many duties of a cruise director as you tend to each passenger’s needs! Just be sure to find time to enjoy the beautiful beaches of sunny Acapulco, and the luxuries on board the ship, as you sail from Los Angeles to Mexico on the cruise of a lifetime. Oh, and don’t forget the souvenirs.

The Love Boat – Second Chances features:

– Play as different characters – each character has their own special talent!
– Help move the story along with funny, interactive cut scenes.
– Based on the hit TV show from the 80s!
– Laugh along with 4 fun story lines, one starring Sally and François!
– Level up your crew to upgrade them, letting them help you more!
– Sail through 60 levels, each with two additional special challenges!
– Designed for mobile, so items are easier to see and select.
– Master 12 cruise-themed mini games and ace every level!
– Replay levels using different characters to beat the extra challenges.

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Pixel Starships: Hyperspace

Pixel Starships: Hyperspace

Pixel Starships Hyperspace has been built from the ground up using the Unity engine to bring epic special effects, cross device compatibility, and a myriad of features including new ground battles, advanced AI configuration, and a 2.5D rendering engine.

It is the world’s first total spaceship management game in an 8bit massive online universe. In Pixel Starships, you command every aspect of your ship from construction to battles in a single persistent world.

Pixel Starships: Hyperspace features:

– Battle it out with other real players in a single massive online universe.
– Build and deploy support crafts to augment your Starship.
– Form alliances and battle with your friends to achieve victory!
– Build Epic Starships of your own design.
– Manage diplomacy, recruitment, research, exploration!
– Many races, aliens, factions to command and conquer.
– Program situational AI commands to systems and crew allowing automatic combats and offline play.
– Control ship’s power and limited resources. Discover epic weapons.
– Cross section full ship control and battles.

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Dynasty king Jewelry match

Dynasty king Jewelry match

In Dynasty king Jewelry match start your life with your retainers and confidants who will be greatly helpful in every aspect. Act as an imperial China official and start the career to reach the top! Never be satisfied with the power you have! Hot and lucrative missions in different occasions are ready for the challengers. Become a conqueror over the missions and explore new stories and resources.

Dynasty king Jewelry match features:

– You must have the sharpest mind. Learn to use special jewels.
– Match 4 in a row or column to create special direction jewels.
– Combine 2 special jewels to make huge chain reaction to help you pass the level.
– Match 3 or more identical gem-jewels in a line to crush them.
– You have a specific list of goals in each level.
– Match 5 in T or L to create special jewels bomb.
– If you have any difficulties passing a level you can use helpful props.

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Sniper Royale

Sniper Royale

It is a challenging 3D world where you have to hunt down all other players and stay alive till the end before they detect you.

Pick up any one of the guns from the arsenal, stack up on the ammo and prepare for the encounter. Try our latest scopes, silencers and ultra quick reload options to make the cleanest shots for the highest scores in this real time PVP multiplayer game.

Explore the open world shipyard and take out the enemies in this PVP realtime multiplayer. Use medikits and grenades to come up with a strategy that enables you to survive till the end. Survive this realtime multiplayer encounter game with your friends. Invite and team up with your PVP friends and set up the perfect ambush.

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Gumball Wrecker’s Revenge

Gumball Wrecker's Revenge

Dr. Wrecker’s plans are about to get wrecked! Rescue Darwin, Anais, Richard, Nicole, Banana Joe, Penny, Anton, Carrie, Masami, Bobert, and all of your favorite characters from “The Amazing World of Gumball.”

Fling Gumball from one floating island to the next as you rescue the citizens of Elmore and get them to safety. But be careful! Miss one jump and you’ll be lost in the Void forever!

Wanna save the day? Time to get ridiculous! Swing around on a giant Gummy Hand. Rewind time with the Universal Remote. And fire up the Hairspray Rockets to get yourself back on course!

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Dank Tanks

Dank Tanks

It is a competitive mobile game with cartoon art style and casual gameplay. It supports 3 vs. 3 real-time online combat for players all around the world. Game modes and maps rotate every hour to keep the game experience fresh at all times. Each tank has unique skills and attack abilities to fulfill different roles in everchanging maps and gameplay. Players need to explore every feature and aspect of the game to make sure to always make the best pick!

Every tank is carefully designed with unique abilities and effects, their strengths and weaknesses shifting depending on maps and game mode. Be careful, even the most experienced tank drivers can get lost on their way!

Movie-standard cartoon art style with wacky characters, bombastic abilities and eye-catching tanks. Get ready for action-packed crazyness beyond language, culture and age!

The props in Dank Tanks are designed to be interactable. Barriers can be destroyed, bushes may hide an ambush, weapons act differently on distinct maps, things explode, and all that good stuff! Brace yourselves!

Maps and game modes shift in an hourly rotation, to mix things up explosively! You will find yourself in classic competitions, but also in all kinds of innovative modes you never imagined. You’ll never know what the next hour will bring!

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Love Story Games: Amnesia

Love Story Games: Amnesia

Love Story Games: Amnesia is an offline love story app will definitely wake up the butterflies in your stomach!

– Fabulous visual effects, mysterious and fun characters and simple gameplay only in our new “interactive story games”!
– SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, bahasa Indonesia, Srpski, Русский, العربية!
– Make tough choices and create your own path in this magnificent “love story game”!
– Name the main character and create your avatar just the way you want!
– Decide who will have your heart forever!
– Find out the truth about yourself and your life!
– “Choose your story” and write your own romance!
– Play our love story games offline for free!

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