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Spinny Gun

Spinny Gun

Shoot as many targets as you can in this new addictive game!
Prove the world you are a true shooter by gunning down all the bosses!

Spinny Gun features:

• More than 50 guns to collect!
• Endless challenge!
• Play every day to get free rewards!
• Compete against the world to establish the highest score!

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Slide Puzzle Puppy Rescue

Slide Puzzle Puppy Rescue

Slide Puzzle Puppy Rescue is a simple and addictive puzzle game. Use and storm your brain and try to help the corgi find way to home.

Slide Puzzle Puppy Rescue features:


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Black Moth Price

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Tornado War Robot Simulator: Mech Warrior

Tornado War Robot Simulator: Mech Warrior

Welcome to Tornado Robot Transforming: Future Robot Wars with a blend of robot transforming games features. Robots wars have commenced in this tornado simulator which is giving you a new taste of war robot games. Futuristic robot battle is not a new thing in robot transform games where future robot wants to demolish country peace.

This robot simulator game has a mech warrior and robot tornado to vindicate robot attack in tornado games. Robot transformation games with multi robot transform techniques can give you a new experience of robot games. Do you have any skills of robot shooting games where a mech warrior fight against mech robots? US Police is not able to agitate against enemies in flying robot games. Robot transform in mech battle city is going to be in danger, so upgrade your robot into new robots for the futuristic robot battle in best robot games. The future robot is coming to crusade versus mech robots and crazy robot tornado fight with real robot simulator.

Space robot warrior wants to destruct city peace in warrior robot battle games with tornado simulator and tornado attack. So jump into futuristic robot transforming games for robotic battle and robot transformation with extreme fun of war robot games and future robot shooting games 2018. Multi robot is coming to ruin the country so be ready for tornado fight with the monster robot to demolish their city crash evil plans in this robot transforming games.

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Piccolo Grand Devil

Piccolo Grand Devil

Piccolo Grand Devils is a turn-based game that is easy to use and allows everyone to enjoy the fun of Piccolo.

Play to the game of Piccolo Grand Devil send Son Gohan, and continuously log in to send gold coins and Super Saiyan, send the Vegeta for the first recharge, and there are more exciting activities waiting for you.

The game has a new PVP system, you can lead the cultivated of the fighter to PK with the online players against the world and become the King of the Tournament.

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KO Punch

KO Punch

Become the most dazzling boxing championfrom an unknown underground boxing king. Relying on your own fist is the only wayto counterattack.

KO Punch features:

– Matchdifferent opponentsand win higher-level competitions to get higher scores. Rank up your club and gain more resources and gears to make yourself stronger
– Realistic boxing game.How to successfully avoid the opponent’s offense and break the opponent’s defense? Practice your KO skills again and again.
– Everything starts from scratch.It takes your effort from unknown to be a popular star!
– Choose the character you like in the game and unlock advanced gloves and gearsto get ready for becoming a boxing superstar!

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Funky Island Banana – Monkey Jungle Run

Funky Island Banana - Monkey Jungle Run

Play the monkey banana super adventure, you will be attracted to this exciting and challenging journey game. In Funky Island, collect bananas by simple actions, you help Monkey Kong run, monkey jump, swing shot … Monkey Kong is very hungry, help monkey run avoid the danger to reach the final destination and get more monkey bananas.

Funky Island Banana – Monkey Jungle Run features:

► Beautiful cartoon & very cool graphics with jungle run style
► The journey game with various obstacles in jungle run
► Monkey games easy but hard to conquer.
► Banana island – banana monkey pictures of nature
► More than 150 challenge levels of monkey game
► The sound of the journey game is alluring, lively.
► Real physics based gameplay. Let banana monkey jump
► Very easy and fun. Use one finger to control monkey run and collect items and bananas
► Help monkey kong swing shot, monkey run super smooth.

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Elite Archer-Fun free target shooting archery game

Elite Archer-Fun free target shooting archery game

Hitting the golden ring is the ultimate goal.
Keep training and try your best to become the world archery champion!

Elite Archer features:

☆ Rich in-game props, high-grade bows, high-grade arrows, high-grade gloves and various anti-windage props. The attributes of arrows and bows(strength, speed, wind resistance) are also different. The use of wind removal props can remove the influence of wind. Use the zoom out item to zoom in on a target and help you get better scores!
☆ 600 levels of single-player training levels in game! Absolutely satisfy your archery desire! More limited time game modes (multiple targets waiting for you to aim) and offline play mode! Just compare archery techniques together with friends!
☆ Impressive gameplay and realistic sound, allowing the player to experience an excellent archery effect!

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Pepi Tales: King’s Castle

Pepi Tales: King’s Castle

Pepi Tales: King‘s Castle is fun and safe edutainment for kids and their parents. Even though we dive into fantasy worlds we remain true to our core values and education through moderation. Play together for the best experience. Ask kids to create their own fairy tales and use the game as a digital stage. More than 40 characters and hundreds of usable items is a perfect opportunity to learn new words, storytelling and just a little bit of acting through pretend play.

Pepi Tales: King‘s Castle features:

– More than 50 weapons and a smithy to craft them all!

– Different scenes. Behold the magic Kingdom — from shiny throne rooms, to darkest dungeons!
– Dedicated for 3-8 year-old kids, but will bring joy for the whole family.
– 30+ new characters including knights, princesses, baby dragons and ghosts!

– Find the hidden keys and explore secret rooms to find even more toys to play with.

– Loaded with animations and interactions — use musical instruments, craft items, shoot bows, have crazy, medieval fun! 

– Use, mix and match any item and equipment You can find and get surprising results!

- Royal kitchen: cook like there‘s a kingdom to feed, dine like kings and queens! 

– Play together, app supports multitouch!

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Cars of New York: Simulator

Cars of New York: Simulator

Play Cars of New York: Simulator and explore the streets of New York in ultra realistic detail! Cruise along Broadway, Wall Street and the famous Avenue of the Americas, including Times Square! Drive 15 Amazing New York themed vehicles!

Cars of New York: Simulator features:

– INTENSE CITY TRAFFIC: Be careful while you drive!
– 15 NEW YORK 🍎 THEMED VEHICLES: Learn to drive them all!
– REALISTIC DRIVING: Each vehicle handles and behaves differently
– 75 PRECISION PARKING & DRIVING MISSIONS: Complete them in style!

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