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Tornado War Robot Simulator: Mech Warrior

Tornado War Robot Simulator: Mech Warrior

Welcome to Tornado Robot Transforming: Future Robot Wars with a blend of robot transforming games features. Robots wars have commenced in this tornado simulator which is giving you a new taste of war robot games. Futuristic robot battle is not a new thing in robot transform games where future robot wants to demolish country peace.

This robot simulator game has a mech warrior and robot tornado to vindicate robot attack in tornado games. Robot transformation games with multi robot transform techniques can give you a new experience of robot games. Do you have any skills of robot shooting games where a mech warrior fight against mech robots? US Police is not able to agitate against enemies in flying robot games. Robot transform in mech battle city is going to be in danger, so upgrade your robot into new robots for the futuristic robot battle in best robot games. The future robot is coming to crusade versus mech robots and crazy robot tornado fight with real robot simulator.

Space robot warrior wants to destruct city peace in warrior robot battle games with tornado simulator and tornado attack. So jump into futuristic robot transforming games for robotic battle and robot transformation with extreme fun of war robot games and future robot shooting games 2018. Multi robot is coming to ruin the country so be ready for tornado fight with the monster robot to demolish their city crash evil plans in this robot transforming games.

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Dinosaur Hunt Down

Dinosaur Hunt Down

Develop a steady hand, line up your sights, and master the skills to take the perfect shoting Dinosaur Hunt Down. In this dino world quest in the tropical forest your mission is to destroy a certain amount of hunting for you prehistoric predators at every level. If you’ll survive in a fight thanks to your battle skills of the assassin, then for each completed level you’ll get a new more powerful gun in your weaponry.

Game features:

– Realistic First person shooter.
– Use Map and radar to find dinosaurs
– Smooth controls, UI interface and ambient background music.
– Intuitive and accurate shooting controls.
– Console Quality HD graphics
– Hardcore action hunting adventure.
– 3D realistic jungle world
– High-end, immersive gameplay!
– Amazing bullet animations

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Sniper Royale

Sniper Royale

It is a challenging 3D world where you have to hunt down all other players and stay alive till the end before they detect you.

Pick up any one of the guns from the arsenal, stack up on the ammo and prepare for the encounter. Try our latest scopes, silencers and ultra quick reload options to make the cleanest shots for the highest scores in this real time PVP multiplayer game.

Explore the open world shipyard and take out the enemies in this PVP realtime multiplayer. Use medikits and grenades to come up with a strategy that enables you to survive till the end. Survive this realtime multiplayer encounter game with your friends. Invite and team up with your PVP friends and set up the perfect ambush.

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Tower Power – Flick ‘Em Up Tower-Building Shooter

Tower Power - Flick 'Em Up Tower-Building Shooter

In Tower Power you can shoot balls, rocks, stars, bubbles, fire and even black holes! Defeat your enemies, build the tower to incredible heights and unite your tribe achieving the highest score.

Recover stolen gems to unlock new characters and keep building the tower. You can even fuse them to create your own Rare critters with the Fusion Cauldron!

Enjoy an engaging flick ‘em up with cute visuals, intuitive controls and awesome sound and music. A unique action experience, mixing character collection and swipe action mechanics in a brick breaker type of game.

Tower Power feature:

– Very intuitive mechanics. Swipe to shoot – Tap to build the tower.
– Seriously, the bunnies are so cute.
– 16 different characters to discover and join your party.
– Procedurally generated levels – Each run is different!
– Gorgeous music and addicting sound effects!
– Different enemy waves to fight, each with its own unique patterns.
– Open magic jars full of rewards!
– Use the fusion cauldron! Mix repeated critters to unlock and discover new ones.
– Arcade mechanics – Enjoy in short or long gameplay bursts.
– Arrange your team according to your strategy.

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Dinos Royale – Savage Multiplayer Battle Royale

Dinos Royale - Savage Multiplayer Battle Royale

It is a PvP battle royale game viewed from a top down perspective played in short 3-5 minute matches making it perfect for mobile play on the go! Dinos Royale features easy to pickup dual stick controls with a simple on screen inventory system for comparing and equipping all of your gear.

Don’t let the storm catch up with you! Duck in and out of buildings, hide in the caves or take cover under the canopies. Dinos Royale’s huge map and varied terrain make for tons of variety and tactical opportunities.

Search the map for the best loot and equip crazy weapons ranging from a spiked baseball bat to throwing knives to a grenade launcher! Take less damage by outfitting your character in helmets and other armor pieces. Heal up with a med-pack when health is low.

Jump on the back of a triceratops and ram the competition. Or get around the map quickly and attack with speed using the velociraptor. Or devour your puny foes as the king dino, the T-Rex! Shooting isn’t always the answer – sometimes you gotta use your teeth!

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The Outlived

The Outlived

Welcome to The Outlived game app. From this second, all skills and memories you mastered in civilized world are of no use at all, Survival is your only goal.

Craft clean water, food, equipment, Kar 98k or even flamethrower, hone your skills to create either melee or ranged weapons to fight against zombies, offensive survivors, wild animals and unidentified mutant creatures.

The whole world is your backyard, Abandoned hospital, Infected prison, Crisis-ridden police station and secret lab built by pre-Apocalypse government, you can now explore around numerous locations in world map to encounter romances and gather valuable resources.

You are not the only survivors here, Invite players from all over the world to your self-customized base camp. However, you cannot be sure that they are friends or enemies, add friends discreetly and selectively, build your own clan with trustworthy partners to survive to the end.

You cannot survive without a shelter in the apocalyptic world. Customize your home camp with tons of decorations and defense turrets. Build all kinds of workbench to produce materials for crafting needs, feed a pet to play with or accompany your travel, invite other survivors to your camp to take a break.

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Zombie Hitman-Survive from the death plague

Zombie Hitman-Survive from the death plague

Become a zombie hitman and take your destiny into your own hands. In order to survive in the last days, surviving humans finally pick up the guns and start to shoot zombies. These people are called zombie hitman

Zombie Hitman features:

– Different types of guns have different sound effects. Absolutely lifelike experience
– Absolutely stimulating feelings! Make you feel like living in the real doomsday on the battlefield.
– Environmental sound effects. Create the best immersive game ever!
– Easily access to different types of weapons.
– Some zombies can be very dangerous, and speedy attack is something you need to be careful about.
– Multiple weapon types (rifle, shotgun, mechanical, grenade launcher)
– Various types of props (armor, grenade, first aid kit, time bomb, high explosive bomb, etc.)
– Various types of zombies for you to deal with different methods
– Exquisite 3D graphics, realistic lighting for a real doomsday battlefield

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Monster Hammer

Monster Hammer

Equip your armor, pick up your weapon, and enter the dungeon! Simple one touch gameplay empowers you to swing your hammer and smash monsters, earning coins and loot along the way. Knock enemies into each other or bounce them off objects for chain kills. Unlock new powerups to venture deeper into the dungeon and reach new scores.

Monster Hammer features:

– Dozens of unlockable items
– Fight through the dungeon and increase your best score
– Addicting one tap gameplay
– Leaderboards and achievements
– Attractive 2D cartoon graphics

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Metal Madness: PvP Shooter

Metal Madness: PvP Shooter

You can battle online in post-apocalyptic arenas, load your awesome weapon, hit the gas, and turn up your tactics. Need-for-Speed and Asphalt–style races give way to berserk Mad-Max-esque battles! In this cyberpunk world, drivers hold death races, destroying their opponent’s armored cars with guns, rockets, bombs, flamethrowers, sniper rifles.

Metal Madness: PvP Shooter features:

– Participate in as many fights as you want! Racing action and thousands of players from the US, China, Russia, Japan, Germany, and more!
– Leaderboards and medals for mad death racers and crazy vehicle killers. Just like in a real fight, you can be a hero and outdo your opponents in style!
– All kinds of different weapons: flamethrowers, rocket launchers, plasma guns, Tesla guns, and more. A bloodbath of online action and team battles awaits!
– Wheel around a cyberpunk city of the future, hold death races in the desert, and turn your opponents into metal heavily twisted. It’s kill or be killed!
– 12 detailed vehicles with unique abilities, light speed demons, off-road armored vehicles like battle tanks, supercars, and huge monsters (retro cars with atomic engines!)
– The game is optimized to run on even the weakest devices! Epic explosions and awesome action in cars! It’s hard to believe that an online game can have automobile graphics this good! Almost like on Steam in Crossout!
– Survive in online PVP METAL MADNESS MAX. It’s a game where tactics and leadership are equally important. Put the pedal to the metal and fry your foes in their armor! Yes, your vehicle’s arsenal is that cool!
– Crashes, destruction, brutality, and wild action! Band together in teams and snatch resources. You choose how you take out your foes!

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Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight

Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight

Control wheel of a warplane and jump into the battlefields of World War 2 in this thrilling combat flight action game. In each of the campaigns for Great Britain, USSR and Germany you will assume the role of pilot and squadron leader of an elite air force unit, established for the most dangerous and strategic missions that can turn the tide of war.

Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight features:

– As squadron leader, you are tasked with more than piloting your plane – you also manage the base. Buy planes, recruit and train pilots, and keep building additional structures.
– English, Russian and German radio chatter to give you the full experience of a World War II dogfight.
– The best WW2 air combat game on mobile devices with intuitive controls and user-friendly flight mechanics.
– Detailed 3D graphics with awesome special effects.
– Over 30 historical planes from RAF, Luftwaffe and Soviet Air Forces, with various customization, paint and upgrade options.

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