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Love Story Games: Amnesia

Love Story Games: Amnesia

Love Story Games: Amnesia is an offline love story app will definitely wake up the butterflies in your stomach!

– Fabulous visual effects, mysterious and fun characters and simple gameplay only in our new “interactive story games”!
– SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, bahasa Indonesia, Srpski, Русский, العربية!
– Make tough choices and create your own path in this magnificent “love story game”!
– Name the main character and create your avatar just the way you want!
– Decide who will have your heart forever!
– Find out the truth about yourself and your life!
– “Choose your story” and write your own romance!
– Play our love story games offline for free!

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Dank Tanks

Dank Tanks

It is a competitive mobile game with cartoon art style and casual gameplay. It supports 3 vs. 3 real-time online combat for players all around the world. Game modes and maps rotate every hour to keep the game experience fresh at all times. Each tank has unique skills and attack abilities to fulfill different roles in everchanging maps and gameplay. Players need to explore every feature and aspect of the game to make sure to always make the best pick!

Every tank is carefully designed with unique abilities and effects, their strengths and weaknesses shifting depending on maps and game mode. Be careful, even the most experienced tank drivers can get lost on their way!

Movie-standard cartoon art style with wacky characters, bombastic abilities and eye-catching tanks. Get ready for action-packed crazyness beyond language, culture and age!

The props in Dank Tanks are designed to be interactable. Barriers can be destroyed, bushes may hide an ambush, weapons act differently on distinct maps, things explode, and all that good stuff! Brace yourselves!

Maps and game modes shift in an hourly rotation, to mix things up explosively! You will find yourself in classic competitions, but also in all kinds of innovative modes you never imagined. You’ll never know what the next hour will bring!

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Gumball Wrecker’s Revenge

Gumball Wrecker's Revenge

Dr. Wrecker’s plans are about to get wrecked! Rescue Darwin, Anais, Richard, Nicole, Banana Joe, Penny, Anton, Carrie, Masami, Bobert, and all of your favorite characters from “The Amazing World of Gumball.”

Fling Gumball from one floating island to the next as you rescue the citizens of Elmore and get them to safety. But be careful! Miss one jump and you’ll be lost in the Void forever!

Wanna save the day? Time to get ridiculous! Swing around on a giant Gummy Hand. Rewind time with the Universal Remote. And fire up the Hairspray Rockets to get yourself back on course!

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Trivia Crack 2

Trivia Crack 2

Challenge your friends and family to a trivia competition, and prove how smart you are!

Join a team of Trivia experts, or create your own and climb the rankings. Lots of prizes await!

You will keep your brain sharp with Trivia Crack 2. We have thousands of challenging trivia questions for you!

Answer questions in our 6 categories: Art, Science, History, Entertainment, Sport and Geography, and show how smart you are!

Collect our original characters to level up and win amazing prizes!

Trivia Crack 2 features:

– Join a team or create your own
– Enjoy our fully renovated graphics!
– Play with your friends and family
– Exchange items with your friends
– Sharpen your brain with thousands of challenging questions

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Dinos Royale – Savage Multiplayer Battle Royale

Dinos Royale - Savage Multiplayer Battle Royale

It is a PvP battle royale game viewed from a top down perspective played in short 3-5 minute matches making it perfect for mobile play on the go! Dinos Royale features easy to pickup dual stick controls with a simple on screen inventory system for comparing and equipping all of your gear.

Don’t let the storm catch up with you! Duck in and out of buildings, hide in the caves or take cover under the canopies. Dinos Royale’s huge map and varied terrain make for tons of variety and tactical opportunities.

Search the map for the best loot and equip crazy weapons ranging from a spiked baseball bat to throwing knives to a grenade launcher! Take less damage by outfitting your character in helmets and other armor pieces. Heal up with a med-pack when health is low.

Jump on the back of a triceratops and ram the competition. Or get around the map quickly and attack with speed using the velociraptor. Or devour your puny foes as the king dino, the T-Rex! Shooting isn’t always the answer – sometimes you gotta use your teeth!

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World War Rising

World War Rising

A savage warlord or a brave builder, prove your worth to lead epic armies of the most elite troops, vehicles, and aircraft from WWI to the modern era!

Deploy iconic troops against your enemy in this fun, global game of elite strategy! Join and forge alliances to march victorious across the map or stay independent to farm resources and build an epic stronghold.

World War Rising features:

– Build a base that evolves through a century of military technology
– Act as a general and deploy your troops against enemies, using brave & savage strategy to ensure you’re the winner
– A truly global MMORPG with millions of players from around the world
– Deploy your forces and march across a world map to defeat your enemy at their base
– Accurate weaponry and equipment from WWI & WW2 through the modern era
– Brave the global battlefield as your alliance teams up against enemies in competing alliances

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Stickman Shadow Legends – 2D Action RPG

Stickman Shadow Legends - 2D Action RPG

It is a 2D action Role Play Game. In a world where light is barely visible, the war between your heroes and the army of darkness is still raging on. Fight your way through countless different enemies. Keep your weapons sharpened. Stay focused on your main objectives. Battle other players from all over the world in the arena for bragging rights and crazy loots.

In a never-ending struggle against the relentless forces of Darkness, your hero must set foot on a journey to save his world from getting torn apart. Each warrior will possess a different set of highly destructive abilities to be able to fend off hordes of monsters. With super easy and highly intuitive control system, you will be able to perform crazy combos between physical attacks and magic spells, dealing tons of damage. There’s always a crazy battle somewhere, so stay alert.

With a massive collection of abilities modifications, multi class specific equipment and accessories, crazy potions with useful buffs, you will be able to spend hundreds of hours in Stickman Shadow Legends to max out your hero. Your hero can become a tank, a backline support, or a front line damage dealer. It’s all up to you. Whatever you feel like, you can.

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Age of Z

Age of Z

You are the light in the darkness. SURVIVE by raising massive armies of machines, explosives, and gritty human soldiers. REVIVE civilization by slaying the zombie hoards, rebuilding your city, rescuing refugees, and bringing new global prosperity. THRIVE by forming alliances with other commanders from around the world, crushing your rivals, and seizing the Capital so YOU may lead the new age of humanity

Age of Z features:

– Scavenge for loot and rescue Refugees to increase Prosperity and keep your city growing!
– Fight the many faces of death! Mutant Zombies, Zombie Bears, Death Mothers and other gruesome dead creatures await your challenge.
– Rage massive clan wars for land, resources, and tech. Only ONE alliance can claim the capital and elect the President!
– Recruit, innovate, and slay! Build massive armies of human grunts, killer machine guns, and high-tech laser cannons.
– Watch the World Map change before your very eyes! You’ll unlock new Prosperity Phases for a more developed world, bigger bonuses, and new gameplay!
– Form HUGE alliances with real-world players around the world, through diplomacy or daggers and deceit. The zombie threat is just the beginning!
– Heroes win the day! Recruit unique characters to lead your army, including a sexy international spy, a mad scientist, an honorable sheriff, and more!
– REAL TOPOGRAPHY! You must march and expand strategically up, down, and around a REAL 3D map of lakes and mountains! The right route is the difference between life and death!

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RWBY: Amity Arena

RWBY: Amity Arena

RWBY: Amity Arena transforms your mobile device into a Scroll connected to the Cross Continental Transmit System, so you can play with friends all across the globe! Inspired by Remnant: The Board Game, RWBY: Amity Arena takes Remnant by storm as the first Scroll game of its kind. Influences from the Remnant’s favorite board game can be seen with the mixed cast of Grimm, Atlesian Technology, but with an added twist of up and coming Huntsmen and Huntresses that have made the roster for the next Vytal Festival.

In this game you can go head-to-head against another human opponent. Use your wits and skills to outplay your opponent and destroy their buildings before they destroy yours! Discover the ability and utility of each card, and use them to turn the tables at the last second!

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Huuuge Stars Slots Casino Games

Huuuge Stars™ Slots Casino Games

Huuuge Stars Slots Casino Games is a new game which puts the social in social casino. With revolutionary new features and 25+ unique, amazing Slots, the game will guarantee you’ll be feeling like a real Star in no time!

You can now upload your own avatar and make your virtual casinogoer truly your own. Huuuge Stars offers you a collection of 25+ completely unique, beautiful Slots that will have you spinning away for days! Whether you’re a fan of classic Slots or modern beauties, you’ll surely find something for yourself.

Game features:

– Win some bling in Huuuge Jewels!
– Spin the Wheel of Wins!
– Hit the Grand Jackpot in Fu Fu Fu Fortunes and Jackpots!
– Get 777 wins in Speedy Spins!
– Get some tasty Free Spins in Big Win Burgers!

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